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Dec 2015
Magnus Therning
Dec 10 2015 08:59
@suvash it was a long time since you asked about email+emacs in terminal... I've now set up mu4e and am really happy with it (I only sometimes have to head into mutt to bounce messages)
and again I curse you @Jell for pointing me to spacemacs! ;)
Jean-Louis Giordano
Dec 10 2015 10:36
Yes, I am truly evil! :)
Suvash Thapaliya
Dec 10 2015 20:56
still not sure if I should bother with terminal/emacs email. doesn't make sense with all the non html emails i get.
Magnus Therning
Dec 10 2015 21:22
it handles html email fairly well I think
how was the Elixir meetup tonight? I got in from the waiting list this morning, but by then I'd already made other plans :(
Dec 10 2015 21:57
It was really nice. We teamed up in pairs/threes and at least I learned a lot, since I paired with Eric MJ who knows Elixir. :-)