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Jan 2016
Isaac Abraham
Jan 09 2016 12:35
@suvash 30-35 would be fine :-) I've done talks in the past with 10 people.
@magthe I generally do all my talk on windows but I could try and do some demos on mono. maybe :-)
Magnus Therning
Jan 09 2016 14:10
On Windows would be all right, it's more about not showing lots of things that only works on Windows... There are bound to be quite a few McHeads attending too ;)
Isaac Abraham
Jan 09 2016 15:18
Yes sure :-) Basically most of what I will show runs x-plat.
Suvash Thapaliya
Jan 09 2016 16:07
@isaacabraham yep ! The crowd is generally of *nix users, mono demos would be good way to sell f# :D btw, are you based in Germany right now ?
Isaac Abraham
Jan 09 2016 19:09
@suvash indeed I am. I'm back in London next month but generally I spend around 80% of my time in .de at the moment.
This is one of the talks I'm giving this month here...