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May 2016
Jean-Louis Giordano
May 22 2016 08:54
Damn I should really get back to being active in the community :/ @eriksvedang you could schedule the book-club event through the meetup group? All the members can schedule meetups there, even recurring events if you want to
this week at work we'll be hosting an internal ClojureScript workshop, I'm hoping to be able to reuse the material for an upcoming meetup
@ocramz if you know someone from that group, definitely get in touch with them. We've had an Agda meetup last year that was very successful (and super interesting!)
I think there's a video about it somewhere
anywho, I have been lacking in free time lately, but if any of you want to present or invite someone please do, Zimpler will always be able to provide the venue and pizzas
May 22 2016 13:46
@eriksvedang I think a Haskell implementation of muKaren would be interesting, for two reasons: types would probably aid insight, and exploiting laziness for infinite streams.
Magnus Therning
May 22 2016 20:05
@ocramz: yupp, it is, compiling it for the 3rd time here already...