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May 2016
Marco Zocca
May 30 2016 07:48
though I can't seem to find Understanding computation in digital form, is a great talk
Turing completeness <-> undecidability
I need to go through Gödel, Escher, Bach once more
Erik Svedäng
May 30 2016 09:41
yeah, that'd be a great one for the club! chapters are somewhat short also...
May 30 2016 11:35
I wanted to write a short post about an accidental monad as a Result class in Java but it evolved into a full blog post. Since I don't have a block I put it in may BitBucket account. Have a look if you think it might be interesting!
I'll have a look at Understanding Computation.
Erik Svedäng
May 30 2016 11:41
Password protected
May 30 2016 11:47
@eriksvedang I forgot to make the repo public, fixed now.
Fredrik Dyrkell
May 30 2016 12:35
haven't heard of Understanding computation before, is it this book?
Magnus Therning
May 30 2016 13:22
@jensli, how do you want comments? I have a patch file ;)
Fredrik Dyrkell
May 30 2016 13:26
Suvash Thapaliya
May 30 2016 14:47
That's a good book.
also, hello everybody ! been a bit 'away' in the recent months :(
May 30 2016 16:22
@jensli I think the last operation makes for a monoid. (Also, MonadPlus.)
Erik Svedäng
May 30 2016 17:05
I'll put the event up at meetup