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Oct 2016
Marco Zocca
Oct 06 2016 07:25
@Jell they are honest numbers; no one expects you to show Google's revenue or scale.
Daniel Karlsson
Oct 06 2016 08:05
@Jell the product I work on has 0 daily users :-)
No shame in those numbers
Oct 06 2016 08:14
@eriksvedang @ocramz @jolod : I unfortunately can't make it on Wednesdays after maybe 18 during the coming time. Tuesday and Thursday nights are free for me. Maybe we should make a Doodle schedule for this. I'll make one.
Jean-Louis Giordano
Oct 06 2016 08:40
thanks guys @ocramz @kardan I'll go with this.
Oct 06 2016 11:18
@eriksvedang @ocramz @jolod I made a Doodle calander. We could use it to find a day in the week for the bookclub:
Magnus Therning
Oct 06 2016 13:11
@Jell, to possibly boost the numbers a little you can list peak concurrent users :)
400 concurrent users is more impressive than 30 users/hour :)
Jean-Louis Giordano
Oct 06 2016 15:03
ah! I could look that up... not sure what that number is though :p