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Nov 2016
Marco Zocca
Nov 05 2016 08:57
Hi all, anyone has some reading familiarity with Scala and can help me parse this module?
IIUC it's an on-line gradient estimator but I can't see the forest from the trees
Jean-Louis Giordano
Nov 05 2016 16:10
it's great to see so many people joining in on that cross-over meetup! React people are really interested in FP!! This is our chance to be as welcoming as possible to people with a very different background. Let's beware that they have a different set of knowledge, so I suggest to not talk about monads unless someone asks :) I'll try to adapt my intro to FP talk using Python, ClojureScript and PureScript, I think it'll be fun :)
Erik Svedäng
Nov 05 2016 16:44
hear, hear