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Nov 2016
Marco Zocca
Nov 18 2016 07:21 UTC
There's a new "Papers we love" chapter here in GBG
Magnus Therning
Nov 18 2016 09:09 UTC
@ocramz, yupp, was just about to post a link to it :)
Marco Zocca
Nov 18 2016 13:02 UTC
They mention "Proposition with types" by P.Wadler as one of the first choices. Props to them; it's an article I haven't had the time to read yet, and it looks very instructive. In fact Wadler is one of the few who made me "get" Haskell in the first place
so I have special consideration for Prof LambdaMan
Marco Zocca
Nov 18 2016 17:57 UTC
Propositions AS types, obvs