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Nov 2016
Marco Zocca
Nov 26 2016 09:45
Those meta-slides. Bravo @jell !
Jean-Louis Giordano
Nov 26 2016 09:46
yeah that's my proudest moment :p
Erik Svedäng
Nov 26 2016 10:42
@magthe Yes, please do
Erik Svedäng
Nov 26 2016 10:51
@magthe I think that the general idea – to be able to abstract out the search algorithm (the minimax function in this case) – and just implement a few functions specific to your domain, is enormously important. Perhaps there is a simpler way to do it? The typeclass solution is good since it can be added on to existing code. What abstraction would you have used in Haskell to do this kind of thing?