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Jan 2017
Magnus Therning
Jan 05 2017 08:51 UTC
good morning!
god fortsättning!
Jean-Louis Giordano
Jan 05 2017 11:10 UTC
yes! we can almost certainly host @Zimpler , given that we have room for like 25 people at the moment
ping @nachivpn
things are a bit tight schedule-wise on my side, but as long I don't have to prepare anything besides ordering pizzas then it should not be an issue!
Nachi Vpn
Jan 05 2017 11:20 UTC
That sounds awesome! :) Our expected attendance is a similar number, so that should work well. There won't be a need to do any preparation from your side. And, is week 5 suitable? What dates are we talking?
Jean-Louis Giordano
Jan 05 2017 11:28 UTC
so anything after february 12 should be fine I think, before that might be a bit more tricky
oh and not februray 21st
Nachi Vpn
Jan 05 2017 11:42 UTC
Ok, I guess it would be more appropriate to do the rest of this conversation here:
Jean-Louis Giordano
Jan 05 2017 12:22 UTC
oooh this paper sounds super interesting :p gonna have to read it now
Marco Zocca
Jan 05 2017 13:47 UTC
Erik Meijer as talk show host is pretty cool
Jan 05 2017 15:33 UTC
I'm at Stadsbiblioteket's cafe. Suddenly feel like reading a compsci paper...
Suvash Thapaliya
Jan 05 2017 15:37 UTC
Leslie Lamport as the guest is even better ;)
I love how Leslie Lamport makes fun of prog. langs. asking people to "Just use Math" instead of making up more "human languages" for programming.
Not sure if it's in this interview though.