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Jan 2017
Erik Svedäng
Jan 10 2017 17:39
@jolod Let's do that next week or something..!
@suvash Realized this way too late, would have been cool to talk to Edwin!!
Jan 10 2017 20:19
@eriksvedang I'm free all workdays except Tuesday, as usual.
So, I've been PureScripting a bit lately, and during a refactoring I ended up with a piece of code that gave me type error, but I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't be well typed. Turns out that when I explicitly typed it, it worked!
It was a fairly complicated type, starting with forall a b. (forall c. ATypeUsing c) -> (ATypeUsing a b).
Turns out, that even though c is not used in the return type, I cannot write forall a b c. .... Didn't know that.
Jan 10 2017 20:25
I suspect that's what's causing the issue.
@Jell Did you encounter anything like this?
jolod @jolod just learned what Rank-N types are. Explains everything. :-)
Jan 10 2017 20:43
(Apparently Rank-N types are undecidable.)