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Aug 2017
Aug 20 2017 10:48

@fredyr @ocramz @Zalastax @eriksvedang I have looked at that Wikipedia page before. It contains some basic facts, like "one or more of the structural rules are absent or only allowed under controlled circumstances.", but what does that mean? It doesn't explain that in more depth. Many texts I have seen is like that. I've only understood that linear types are related to "not using a variable more than once", but not more than that.

I'll have a look on some of the Wadler papers. @fredyr : There's quite a lot of papers on that page, can your recommend any of them in particular?

Pierre Krafft
Aug 20 2017 11:58
@jensli linear types are: "use a variable exactly once". It can help model things like streams and state machines. A modification is affine types, which allows the code to throw away the value instead of using it. I really recommend reading the safe streaming blogs by Edvard @m0ar