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Sep 2017
Marco Zocca
Sep 30 2017 00:24
idk opting out of prelude is not hard. you can say NoImplicitPrelude once in the cabal file as well
Magnus Therning
Sep 30 2017 05:36
psc-ide looks nice. I'm guessing it's the type of thing that Haskell IDE ( is aiming for.
As for defaulting to NoImplicitPrelude, would you say that replacing Prelude is common in PureScript?
Sep 30 2017 09:05
@magthe Don't know.
Since I messed up the Rank-2 example, I created this gist that explains why you'd might want to have a rank-2 type:
Sep 30 2017 10:29
@Jell I got the type to forall t a b. (forall c. t c -> c) -> t a -> t b -> Tuple a b. So as you said, there's a constraint on the argument. We can definitely prove t c -> c for some t at least. :-)
Jean-Louis Giordano
Sep 30 2017 19:21
ah! that's interesting! good find!