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Oct 2017
Magnus Therning
Oct 09 2017 08:55
It'll be difficult to work today. We've known for a while that our NFS is a single point of failure... and now it's failed :(
Suvash Thapaliya
Oct 09 2017 09:15
oops. not using RAID / multiple disks ?
(i can report having a good experience using synology NAS, in case you're looking into those things going further.)
Marco Zocca
Oct 09 2017 10:50
@magthe you use the NFS in the office or in the product?
Magnus Therning
Oct 09 2017 11:20
ocramz: in the office
and of course we have backups, so I thought that I can bring up a few docker instances on other machines... but then it turns out that getting to the backups requires a key, and that is in a configuration on a VM, and that VM's disk is on... wait for it...
it's on NFS 😂
Marco Zocca
Oct 09 2017 11:31
time to pay a few kronor for some cloudy storage
Magnus Therning
Oct 09 2017 11:49
that's where our backups are :)
for now I'll do some minor tasks that I can find
oh, and emacs' iedit mode is blowing my mind!
Oct 09 2017 13:37
Like Ctrl-D in VS Code?
Magnus Therning
Oct 09 2017 13:51
yupp, I suppose
however it's unclear to me how ctrl+d works... do you need to press it several times?
Pierre Krafft
Oct 09 2017 15:09
@magthe ctrl+d works like that. But you can do "find all" and then press an arrow key to get a cursor at each place.