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Oct 2017
Marco Zocca
Oct 17 2017 06:50
@Jell an educational dialect of Hs
Jean-Louis Giordano
Oct 17 2017 08:15
Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.15.13.png
couldn't match type 'String' against inferred type 'Integer' is not the most beginner friendly error message
Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.16.43.png
compare that to Elm
orders of magnitudes better
Marco Zocca
Oct 17 2017 08:33
very helpful. Not sure about the orders of magnitude though
yes I agree, good error messages are key
"Couldn't match ... " is like 80% of the Haskell "user experience" lol
Jean-Louis Giordano
Oct 17 2017 08:42
Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.42.24.png
dr racket also for comparison
you can't have general abstractions and good error messages
since the compiler can't make many assumptions about your code
(where Elm do not have general abstractions and can therefore provide more specific feedback)
Marco Zocca
Oct 17 2017 13:31
are typeclasses the problem then?
granted, GHC error messages are not super friendly, we agree on that
Jean-Louis Giordano
Oct 17 2017 14:09
my comment was generally: when working at a certain level of abstraction, you'll get errors at that level of abstraction. If you have generic types, you'll get generic errors?
not bad or problematic per se, but requires context & understanding
which is by definition beginner unfriendly
in other news: we bought some serious recording equipment (wireless head mic, small mixing table and camera)
which means all future meetup can easily be recorded
not livestreamed (couldn't find a good quality cam that also streams), but that's a good start!
Magnus Therning
Oct 17 2017 14:11
Marco Zocca
Oct 17 2017 14:29