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Dec 2017
Jean-Louis Giordano
Dec 07 2017 07:41
So I realized I won't be available for a meetup before like 16th of January or something... Maybe that's a bit too late for an AoC retrospective?
is there someone else willing to host the meetup? @fredyr maybe?
Dec 07 2017 08:48
16th is OK.
Erik Svedäng
Dec 07 2017 09:17
yeah, sounds good
Dec 07 2017 10:01
Or any other day that week.
Magnus Therning
Dec 07 2017 11:33
16th is good I think.
Dec 07 2017 14:01
@Jell I gotta say, having an infinite list that you cannot drop more than about 10000 elements from is... well... finitely useful!
@Jell There has to be a solution to this. This brain itch is stopping me from being productive in PS.
Jean-Louis Giordano
Dec 07 2017 15:00
sorry about that :p yeah I've already sunk like ≈4h on that myself, I kinda gave up at this point
it feels like it's more than likely some kind of bug that needs to be reported? why have infinite list if they have such poor behavior otherwise
Dec 07 2017 20:06
@Jell Yeah, definitely.
Suvash Thapaliya
Dec 07 2017 22:58
I'm most likely not in Gbg around that time, has to be @fredyr if we are to host it here at 1928D. :smile: