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May 2018
Suvash Thapaliya
May 14 2018 10:36
@jolod Sorry, been away and stuff. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll manage to host one before the summer. will have to search for another venue. Sorry about this.
May 14 2018 11:34
@suvash Ah. Too bad. I just looked up weavejester/integrant, and it's pretty nice that my library, which I have have to name some day, can easily work with both stuartsierra/component and weavejester/integrant at the same time. So half your system could be written with component the other half with integrant. And I did not have to update the system; the function was just a function that anyone could have written. That's pretty nice I think.
May 14 2018 12:03
OK, so final call for hosts if we want a meetup before summer. I'm available on May 29-31.
May 14 2018 12:58
@maschisma You wanted a meetup. :-) Are you available for hosting?
Jean-Louis Giordano
May 14 2018 18:01
hey so me being back from the dead: maybe Zimpler can host then
we can maybe show off how we improved our office since last time :p
29th would work I think
@jolod if you take care of setting up and announcing the meetup I’ll take care of setting up the office and the food and all the other usual stuff :p