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Sep 2018
Magnus Therning
Sep 10 2018 21:35
I went to a GothPy meetup tonight where they did a Code Kata (Gilded Rose). It was the first time I've seen golden testing (using approval tests, which made me sit down and use the Haskell library tasty-golden to do the same kata in Haskell.
Does anyone here have more solid experience with golden testing?
Pierre Krafft
Sep 10 2018 21:39
@magthe I've poked at it a bit. It's a practice that's being picked up by front-end developers, especially in the React community via the Jest test library.
I went to a meetup one month ago and was surprised with how easy it was to set up in TypeScript Zalastax/GildedRose-Refactoring-Kata@3d3ae43
I went for a solution that is as FP as I could muster and I think it turned out quite nicely
Sep 10 2018 22:00
Why is it called golden testing?