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Oct 2018
Oct 08 2018 08:19
@ocramz Both are in Haskell (or close enough)?
I sometimes refer to PureScript as a Haskell-like.
Magnus Therning
Oct 08 2018 08:22
@jolod Maybe it should be "a Haskell", similar to how Scheme is "a Lisp"? :grin:
Oct 08 2018 08:23
I think eta-lang (or Frege?) is referred to as "a Haskell" (by it's creator).
But I think Haskell-like is better.
The different lisps have different names, so saying it's a lisp language is quite alright. However, Haskell is a specific language.
The criteria for being a lisp is also much shorter (depending on who you ask, but anyway). The criteria for being Haskell is Haskell.
Oct 08 2018 08:28
So Haskell-like would be any language that is pretty similar to Haskell but deviates in e.g. laziness, some syntax, some type features, etc. E.g PureScript is very much a Haskell-like and Elm is also a Haskell-like but less so.
Pierre Krafft
Oct 08 2018 10:36
What about Agda and Idris?