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Robert Butler
so is the typescript version stable-ish?
Roman Matias Ianni
Hi! there is an option to pass only available days? so the rest appears as disabled instead of passing explicitly the disabled days? thanks in advence!
Maksym Ozymok
Hi, please help me. I have problems with ReactDayPickerInput, I don't know which styles use with css-modules, maybe someone can sent me example of using css modules, css file, or repository on githab, because I am confused
Andy Fang
Is it possible to programmatically navigate to next month/previous months?
It's not well documented how to do that if you have custom nav arrows
Robert Butler
so finally getting back to the calendar here
after a short hiatus of stabbing my monorepo in the FACE (lmao)
Robert Butler
Andrea C Wagner
Does someone know that I can override only the year on day-picker ('DayPicker-Caption')? I'm using MomentLocaleUtils using the Tamil language. However, I want to display the month in Tamil (ta-LK) and year in English(en).
Venugopal Kathavate
Hi, Is this channel active?
Jodie Doubleday
As above.. it this room active?
looking for some help with a weird issue, when clicking on the react-day-picker, the calendar opens up, but when i go to click on a date it looks like it closes before the date is selected, in fact if I click on white space in the calendar it closes. It looks as though the input loses focus. Wonder if anyone has had this issue and how they solved it.
Hi. I just came here to notify you that some of your example links to codesandbox doesn't work
Do you have an example with hooks?
something like: const [selectedDay, handleDayChange] = useState(new Date());
Yuriy Zaitsev

Hi guys. Sorry, I tried to search over the history by the word "range" but haven't found any relevant info for my issue. I'm trying to use your component to solve such a task:

  • it should be a single DateInput (with dropdown ability, not statically shown picker)
  • it should give an ability to select date range with a period of more than a month
  • it should show range by hover

unfortunately your example of date range is made not with using of dateinput, but with a static picker. also there is an example of a dynamic rendering of ranges but it is also made with static picker.
when I'm trying to solve this task by external state inside kind of HOC, with using of onDayChange and trying to update selectedDays and modifiers dynamically everything becomes broken because it tries to recalculate state by props, but focus is missed and picker becomes closed. I tried to control it by controlling "showOverlay" but it looks like bad idea because I also need a native behavior like closing of datepicker by the clicking outside of input and overlay component.

Maybe you have an example of such a complex "mix" of requirements...? just tried for luck

Hey there, I am having issues trying to customize the calendar itself of the DayPicker component, I need to set custom styles for the days not selected and the calendar container itself
any example I could follow?
Jérôme Oudoul
Hello, how to report typos/errors in the Documentation ?
Example: broken link on "CSS file" on https://react-day-picker-next.netlify.app/basics/styling
Evan do Carmo
Hey! Looking for examples on how to style days using a date input
I can only find examples with the static picker, but not with the input
Ahsan Shah
Hey! i'm having some difficulty in using https://react-day-picker.js.org/examples/input-from-to/
as the DatePickerInput styling is messing with bootstrap.css and the whole calender style isn't being displayed properly.
nate pappenhagen


PR to address DayPickerInput not being exported in a ES Modules compliant way. Would love a review @gpbl

Does anybody know something on how to solve this? gpbl/react-day-picker#1255
Raymond Dazo
hi, does react-day-picker has a month/year picker?
Daypicker link : https://react-day-picker.js.org/
I've used react-day-picker <DayPicker /> and displayed multiple months. I need to give different captions for each month.
Can you guide to implement it.