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Say I have a custom ID implementation (called GlobalID), but my models all contain a string ID. Can I point gqlgen into a function that converts a string to GlobalID
instead of it generating ID resolvers for every model?

Alik Send

@yuvalt7 better yet https://gqlgen.com/reference/scalars/#custom-scalars-with-third-party-types

    model: path/to/your/file.GlobalID

and in file implement MarshalGlobalID and UnmarshalGlobalID functions

Alik Send

Hi. I created fix for #965 ("Support fields that return top level operations"): #1200
The final implementation contains:

  • generating models without fields for root types (Query, Mutation etc) (plugin/modelgen/models.go)
  • skip generating resolver for field with root type and always return empty struct (codegen/field.go, codegen/field.gotpl)
  • fixes for templates to pass necessary number params to generated methods (codegen/type.gotpl that depends on codegen/config.TypeReference's Root field, that added in codegen/config/binder.go)

Also there are small improvements like adding IsRootDefinition method to Config to not to repeat def == c.Schema.Query || def == c.Schema.Mutation || def == c.Schema.Subscription everywhere

Who can review and merge it?

Build fails because generator on CI for some reason creates oneline methods instead of multiline:

-func (r *Resolver) BackedByInterface() BackedByInterfaceResolver {
-    return &backedByInterfaceResolver{r}
+func (r *Resolver) BackedByInterface() BackedByInterfaceResolver { return &backedByInterfaceResolver{r} }


Alik Send
I can fix it in my PR but then check-fmt will fail
Alik Send

fix for #965

For #956 *

Akhil Indurti

Hey folks, my team’s use-case requires creating and destroying connections/pool at the resolver-level. We want to destroy these connections when a parent and its children are done. Is there any way to know, for a particular parent, when its child resolvers have finished executing?


Kirill Tatchihin
hello everyone! I would like to access field context in dataloader’s fetch function, can I do this?
1 reply

Has anyone got gqlgen run within a bazel project?

It fails with "merging failed: unable to find type github.com/99designs/gqlgen/graphql.Boolean". vendor directory does have these types. I guess I am not able to tell gqlgen (or go) to look for the types in vendor directory.

@vektah ^, please help.
any example Unmarshal & Marshal primitive.ObjectID for MongoDB for model ? I want make scalar ObjectID to primitive.ObjectID

I was put this

      - go.mongodb.org/mongo-driver/bson/primitive.ObjectID

it was created on my model_gen.go
I got error validates like this : validation failed: packages.Load: .../resolver/generated.go ec.unmarshalInputObjectID undefined (type *executionContext has no field or method unmarshalInputObjectID)

I am afraid when into production this will make issue on my app ,
any idea?

trying again like this:
func MarshalObjectID(v primitive.ObjectID) graphql.Marshaler {
    return graphql.WriterFunc(func(w io.Writer) {
        err := json.NewEncoder(w).Encode(v)
        if err != nil {

func UnmarshalObjectID(v primitive.ObjectID) (primitive.ObjectID, error) {
    return v, nil
cannot use v (variable of type interface{}) as primitive.ObjectID value in argument to model.UnmarshalObjectID
4 replies
Swarup Donepudi
Anyone using Galen to run a subscription server?
2 replies

is there any example for Add header in Testing with gqlgen ?

testClient.AddHeader("Token",  TOKEN_HERE)

I wrap them in MustPost() but got token contains an invalid number of segment I bet the header was nil or can't set up

Swarup Donepudi
@vektah do you know if anyone is using gqlgen to run a subscription server.?
Kaarthik Rao Bekal Radhakrishna
Has anyone bound a graphql type that implements an interface to a protobuf message?
Eric Meier
@swarupdonepudi i am
Nur Kutlugallyamov
Hi everyone. Could you look at my PR(#1209) and give me feedback?
Does the package need this (un)marshaler?
What should I add or remove from PR(#1209)?

Can I create type with query: Query! field?

I am trying to generate by

type Login {
  query: Query!
  user: User

and get error

panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
[signal 0xc0000005 code=0x0 addr=0x18 pc=0x8850c3]

goroutine 1 [running]:
exit status 2
Tassios Marios
Has anyone used dataloaders with field collection ? Because I am trying to do that but I have some issues with the context.
Tassios Marios
@vektah Hi guys, here I have also created an issue regarding the question that I already asked, if somebody faced the same issue or there is a workaround let me know please. Thank you in advance !! 99designs/gqlgen#1225
Ng Thong
who have a example gqlgen vs relay connection ?
i don't know use global ID in gqlgen :(
Swarup Donepudi
Thanks @mariosttass
Is there a way to get the name of each operation as it is being performed using middleware?
Javi Roberts
Hi everyone! Is there a way to define a naming schema for resolver files? Such as resolver/schema.go instead of schema.resolvers.go
Swarup Donepudi
+1 for the ability to override the name for resolvers. Not sure if gqlgen supports it.
Kashif Shaikh
@art1415926535 you can’t embed Query field into another field
Alec Benzer
hey, trying to get started w/ gqlgen (edit: sorry, cat hit enter)

we have a monorepo, and I want to have the gqlgen "root" be a subdirectory of the overall repo. is that possible?

I'm getting an error like module gitlab.com/mycompany/monorepo@latest found, but does not contain package gitlab.com/mycompany/monorepo/go/path/to/gqlgenroot/graph/model

maybe a related clarifying question... in a setup where the gqlgen "root" is not the repo root, a) where should gqlgen.yml go, b) where should the paths in gqlgen.yml be relative to?
Hi guys, i have a question, is a way to get a query fields not from a rezolver, but from a middleware?
Kaarthik Rao Bekal Radhakrishna
oCtx := graphql.GetOperationContext(ctx) start, query, variables := oCtx.Stats.OperationStart, oCtx.RawQuery, oCtx.Variables
Have you tried this?

While migrating from v0.10.2 to v0.11.3, generated.go doesn't compile:

/private/var/tmp/_bazel_sateesh/.../sandbox/darwin-sandbox/1531/execroot/__main__/bazel-out/darwin-fastbuild/bin/src/.../generated.go:4521:20: undefined: gqlparser

generated.go does not import gqlparser github.com/vektah/gqlparser/v2. However, it is used as var parsedSchema = gqlparser.MustLoadSchema(sources...)

How did the gqlparser import vanish from generated.go file?

4 replies
Erik Müller
Hi all, is it possible to generate only the model files? I don't need the server/resolver part as I'm using AWS AppSync. But I have some Lambdas that should use the same models.
Erik Müller
Is there an option to ignore "undefined" directives? I'm using @aws_cognito_user_pools (see AppSync Guide) and I want gqlgen to ignore/skip it as authentication is already handled by AppSync.
Olivier Refalo
Hi.. a bit confused about gqlgen. anyways.. I tried to get the federation-demo working on the latest version with no success.
any idea?
Olivier Refalo
schema.resolvers.go:43:40: ProductResolver not declared by package generated
/schema.resolvers.go:46:37: UserResolver not declared by package generated
pulling my hairs
how do I tell gqlgen to generate resolvers?!
Olivier Refalo
tried with this
        resolver: true # force a resolver to be generated
        resolver: true # force a resolver to be generated
Olivier Refalo
I got it to compile by changing this: