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Repo info
    Frank Lemanschik
    or use deno
    Dan Dumont
    deno doesn't have an http2 server yet
    Frank Lemanschik
    or any other javascript runtime
    there are many
    sure it has
    Dan Dumont
    yeah no... i know, I've been looking at them all
    Frank Lemanschik
    it has rust bindings my frind
    you can just use actix
    Dan Dumont
    what I mean is... the http2 feature is still in an open ticket. There is no node compat module for http/tls/http2/etc
    so many modules we need are dead in the water
    I would like to use deno, I just need the project to get a little further
    looking for a stop-gap. since we already have a jvm, was hoping we could use graal for now
    Frank Lemanschik
    use rust directly
    thats at last my point on the server side
    a 19 lines rust server using actix outperforms nodejs easy
    nginx also by the way
    Dan Dumont
    i understand :)
    Frank Lemanschik
    you can also use mustache and all that
    Dan Dumont
    my goal is to not re-write the entire node_module tree we depend on
    Frank Lemanschik
    the ecosystem is there
    you will not depend on so much
    and you can do it incremental
    Dan Dumont
    we depend on grpcjs
    Frank Lemanschik
    grpc is also much faster on rust
    everything is more memory save and fast in rust
    that why it gains popularity
    Dan Dumont
    yes, but the code that uses grpcjs uses grpcjs. good or bad, it's a large project to port it all
    Frank Lemanschik
    then you should stay with nodejs
    your right there is no alternative
    Diego Parra
    Hi All! Any way to get more information about the SVM GC implementation?
    Remko Popma
    This channel is abandoned. Everyone moved to Slack: https://www.graalvm.org/slack-invitation/
    Diego Parra
    Remko Popma
    This channel should be closed.
    Alina Yurenko
    @remkop thank you for redirecting people to the right place!
    Hi everyone, since many people were asking to create a Slack workspace instead of Gitter, we've moved to https://www.graalvm.org/slack-invitation/. Please make sure to move there too, since we'll close Gitter rooms next week to avoid confusion. As an alternative you can also submit suggestions via GitHub discussions: https://github.com/oracle/graal/discussions
    Thank you!

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    Schrodinger ZHU Yifan
    hi, there
    Agus Santoso
    docs mentioned PromiseExecutor but i couldnt find the class in the repo
    Does Truffle comes with a embedded version of ANTLR ? I'm trying to use ANTLR 4.9 but i keep receiving a warning that the runtime version is 4.7.2
    Armin Primadi

    Hi all, when I'm running JavaScript compiled using Webpack from Java/Scala via context.eval it gives me the following error:
    [error] org.graalvm.polyglot.PolyglotException: ReferenceError: module is not defined

    Any idea how to get around this?

    Eugene Utkin
    Hi all. Can you advise if there is a way to run kotlin code in a kotlin program via Polyglot API? If it's not possible at the moment, is it planned?
    Hi all. How can I use points-to analysis in graalvm to write a static analysis tool?
    Hello gentleman, I want to build an graalvm-openjdk8 or 11 (with gu), but it seems that the dedicated repos are not there, any instructions to archive that ?
    Fleur Kelpin
    Hi! we're using graal to evaluate javascript expressions in our application, on jdk 11. Now rather suddenly one of the servers has started spewing exceptions when we prepare a new context.
    I checked and the jdk is java-11-openjdk-
    org.graalvm.polyglot.PolyglotException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.oracle.truffle.js.runtime.JSRealm
        at com.oracle.truffle.js.runtime.JSContext.createRealm(JSContext.java:605)
        at com.oracle.truffle.js.lang.JavaScriptLanguage.createContext(JavaScriptLanguage.java:307)
        at com.oracle.truffle.js.lang.JavaScriptLanguage.createContext(JavaScriptLanguage.java:117)
        at com.oracle.truffle.api.LanguageAccessor$LanguageImpl.createEnvContext(LanguageAccessor.java:212)
        at com.oracle.truffle.polyglot.PolyglotLanguageContext.ensureCreated(PolyglotLanguageContext.java:493)
        at com.oracle.truffle.polyglot.PolyglotLanguageContext.ensureInitialized(PolyglotLanguageContext.java:568)
        at com.oracle.truffle.polyglot.PolyglotContextImpl.eval(PolyglotContextImpl.java:875)
        at org.graalvm.polyglot.Context.eval(Context.java:345)
        at java.base/java.util.ArrayList.forEach(ArrayList.java:1541)
    Any idea what could be the cause?
    Fleur Kelpin
    Update: looks like tomcat didn't get restarted when the jdk got upgraded, a restart of the tomcat service made the problem go away
    Lakshya A Agrawal

    How do I fix "WrapperNode implementation X cannot be safely replaced in parent node class Y"?

    Hey! I am facing the same issue. Could someone please explain what the error means and how to go about fixing it?

    The error shows up only when running the program with --inspect flag. Other than this, the program is working as expected along with native image compilation. Please help me understand