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Feb 2016
Feb 25 2016 19:23
[grandchild1 (guest),] J_Darnley: so you want to load the sprites from a specific location? (i.e. c:\winamp\plugins\avs\ on windows) and you want to know what a good location on linux would be?
[J_Darnley,] Maybe
[J_Darnley,] I just borrowed what I plan on having the plugin doing for the test programs.
[J_Darnley,] I would consider embeddeding the sprites
[J_Darnley,] but then that comes with copyright troubles
[J_Darnley,] I initally wanted your thoughts on the API
[J_Darnley,] whether you think it is any good
[J_Darnley,] what you might need differently on linux
[grandchild1 (guest),] just reading through "dev...sprites"
Feb 25 2016 19:28
[J_Darnley,] I would also ask: what libraries might you use on linux?
[J_Darnley,] I've use libpng once before
[J_Darnley,] it was simple enough to use for encoding
[J_Darnley,] now that I'm thinking about it again...
[J_Darnley,] what would I use in my ffmpeg filter
[J_Darnley,] I'm sure it has a logo filter I can steal from
Feb 25 2016 19:35
[grandchild1 (guest),] hehe
[grandchild1 (guest),] well png is nice
[grandchild1 (guest),] and ubiquitous
[J_Darnley,] yes
Feb 25 2016 19:40
[J_Darnley,] there's no need to come up with a general solution right away