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Mar 2016
Mar 06 2016 15:56
[lukipuki (guest),] huhu grandchild
[unconed,] neat, IRC to gitter bridge works
[lukipuki (guest),] i got a last question about avs before you're away for a while.
[lukipuki (guest),] yes hi
[lukipuki (guest),] or maybe you can help as well :)
[lukipuki (guest),] i couldn't compile avs. could it be that i have to install all the *-devel packages to be able to compile the avs program from gitlab?
[lukipuki (guest),] @unconed, are you the one behind ?
[unconed,] can't help you with compilation, but yes to your second question
[lukipuki (guest),] i'll ask gc then...
[lukipuki (guest),] \nick hurric4ne
Mar 06 2016 17:18
[J_Darnley,] What are you struggling to compile, hurricane?