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Repo info
    Happy Monday! Anyone have a chance to take a look at this? ^
    Branden Horiuchi
    working on an implementation of graphql-tools MakeExecutableSchema if anyone is interested https://github.com/bhoriuchi/graphql-go-tools
    Tejas H
    Hey people
    I am stuck on something.

    I would like to export Schema - I am reading this doc: https://docs.graphcms.com/developers/api/import-export#exporting

    But I don't understand how to use System Token. Please help!

    has anyone had issues with data passed into context being missing in between resolver calls?
    Hey is this library dead? :/
    Tom H Anderson
    The community page here never gets answers
    I think people come here because the page is just called 'graphql' and it sounds less library specifiic
    Blah. At least PRs in https://github.com/vektah/gqlparser are getting responses
    lucas kardonski

    Hello Community,

    Im having trouble sorting results from a graphql list query in Amplify. I have a table that has a field called X and i want to sort my results from the query in ascending order.


    Alena Budzko
    Good morning all! If you just started to use GraphQL, me and my team has created the project that intends to aid engineers with converting their RESTful architecture to a single GraphQL endpoint. Check it out at: https://github.com/oslabs-beta/protographql and give it a star if you like it!:) Thank you!
    El 李天宝
    I am using Django with JSONField
    I have followed the official documents, but I couldn't be able to find the JSONField example. I would like to filter, search on it. Is that possible?
    Branden Horiuchi
    Need some more maintainers on this project
    Branden Horiuchi
    Submitted a PR for implementing subscribe execution. Feedback welcome graphql-go/graphql#495
    Christian Palazzo
    Hello, I am doing a POC of a microservices app built in loopback 4...the need is to have some api protected by basic auth and other api protected by jwt..I am little bit confused about auth with express-gateway. Since the users and roles are models managed by one of the microservices...is it possible to implement custom authentications in the gateway that will use the rest api exposed by the microservice?
    sorry wrong room
    Denis Angulo

    Hello all, I'd like to contribute an example involving the database/sql null types, should I:

    • a) append it to the already existing custom-scalar-type one


    • b) create an entirely new example



    Can anyone point me to a reference implementation of nested / namespaced Mutations?

    mutation {
      Diagnostics {

    Presently have single level working just fine (i.e. no Diagnostics in the object above). I can define the schema just fine however run into problems with the sub-mutation actually being resolved.

    Branden Horiuchi
    Mutations can only have top level field resolvers they are not like queries where you can resolve sub fields. Mutations also run serially
    Hello, Im studying graphql and trying to use it in an existing (huge) project. Have you ever used graphql + clean architeture ? I dont have a lot of experience with graphql, but it seems to go through more than a layer (https://blog.cleancoder.com/uncle-bob/2012/08/13/the-clean-architecture.html)
    Carl A Lewis
    What is the problem you are having?
    @Nemesisesq I have lots of use cases (business logic layer), its hard for me to connect existing use cases to graphql, for example: if i was using soap/xml and choose to migrate to rest, i'd just update my presenters. its not the case with graphql, its not about just presentation. It doesnt seem to be a good idea to refactor all my application to fit graphql.
    Thanks @bhoriuchi - I was able to register and post data to the resolver but could return the correct data, so you’ve explained this.
    Carl A Lewis
    Ronan, when converting an app to graphologists I build my schemes and then fulfill the contract using my resolvers.
    You shouldn’t need to do any refactoring
    Hi all, can someone please recommend automation testing tool for graphql (apart from soapui, apifortress, just-api, easygraphql-tester). Thanks
    Ali Tai
    Hi folks! My name is Alison Tai and I’m a program manager at Microsoft. We are looking at how we can improve Azure, and are interested in hearing from you about your API usage. If you are willing, we would greatly appreciate your input on this quick survey: https://aka.ms/AA6378e. Thank you for your time and consideration!
    Hi folks, I am exploring a graphql and want to know if why is there "graph" in GraphQL?
    Does GraphQL uses Graph theory somehow? If yes, then how?
    Thanks in advance :)
    Tom H Anderson
    GraphQL can query deep, so more than just one entity and a list of columns, it can query related data, a graph of data.
    Thanks @TomHAnderson , Relations are also involved in trees as well then why GraphQL only preaches about graphs?
    some domains use grapnel query, how can i scan the list of domains who are using grapnel ?
    Hi! Is there a way to pick certain fields from a type when defining schema? E.g., I have type Product { .... } and type CMStockEntry { product: Product!, qty: Int! } and I want to specify that only name and id fields of Product will be returned by the API (@rest)
    Hi. I wonder whether I can know which fields are being queried in the Resolve function?
    Ramcharan Madasu
    const express = require("express");
    const { gql, ApolloServer } = require("apollo-server-express");
    const heroes = [
      { id: 1000, name: "bunny" },
      { id: 2000, name: "ram" }
    const typeDefs = gql`
      type Query {
        heroes: [Hero]
        getHero(id: Int): Hero
      type Hero {
        id: Int
        name: String
    const resolvers = {
      Query: {
        heroes: () => heroes,
        getHero: (_, args, context) => heroes.find(e => e === args.id)
    const server = new ApolloServer({ typeDefs, resolvers });
    const app = express();
    server.applyMiddleware({ app });
    app.listen({ port: 4000 }, () =>
      console.log("http://localhost:4000" + server.graphqlPath)
    i have problem in writing the resolver please help me
    getHero: (_, args, context) => heroes.find(e => e === args.id)
    and my query is
    Ramcharan Madasu
    got the answer thankyou
    Constantin Angheloiu
    hey i have a composed query
    export const USER = gql`
      query User {
        User {
          hasLocations @client
        Locations {
    and a resolver
    export const resolvers = {
      User: {
        hasLocations(obj, args, context, info) {
            // -- count the locations and set to false / true
          return true;
    any ideea how i could acces the Location query inside my hasLocation field?
    Hi, can someone help me on subscription using express-graphql
    How to group go graphql
    Seyidna Ali
    I need a help plz