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Apr 2017
Daniel Kvist
Apr 18 2017 08:57
@bbakerman Thank you for the feedback on async ideas. I think we will use karthicks implementation for now but we are very interested in following the progress and assisting where we can with development and testing. The whole execution strategy and async api's are still a bit of a mystery to us though.
@andimarek thank you for the pointers :)
Bojan Tomić
Apr 18 2017 14:29
@andimarek Just wanted to ask if there's any chance query complexity analysis or any of the other malicious query mitigation strategies will land in 3.0.0?
Brad Baker
Apr 18 2017 22:28
@span - I have put up a PR to add the signature for Async execution. But exposing a CompleteableFuture<ExecutionResult> the consumer gets to choose when to consume the result