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May 2017
Bojan Tomić
May 11 2017 09:26
Right... I now understand the behavior... but the use-case still eludes me.
All the collected fields need to be exactly the same as otherwise the schema would never validate, no? :|
Brad Baker
May 11 2017 09:30
I am with you - the concrete use case still eludes me as well
daniel hallel
May 11 2017 13:58
Hey guys, just wondering does graphql-java support facebook/graphql#83
in datafetchers?
Bojan Tomić
May 11 2017 14:41
I believe it does not currently. I'd suggest you open an issue.
Andreas Marek
May 11 2017 21:21
@bbakerman @kaqqao I remember this case vaguely: I just copied the behaviour from graphql-js I think. But the fields are not completely the same:Field also has sourceCodeLocation and Comments, which are unique to each declared field.
and this means you can't choose one (which one is the 'right' field?) so they ended up providing all in a list
Bojan Tomić
May 11 2017 21:56
@andimarek Ah, true, this makes sense. Thanks for the explanation!