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May 2017
Bojan Tomić
May 14 2017 07:57

I'm struggling to understand BatchedExecutionStrategy. I created a BatchedDataFetcher that accepts List<User> and returns List<String>. It gets invoked correctly (all Users collected into a list), and I return the same-sized list of Strings. But then inside BatchedExecutionStretgy I get ClassCastException here (on the first line):

for (Object rawValue : (List<Object>) value.getValue()) {
    flattenedNodeValues.add(new GraphQLExecutionNodeValue(flattenedDatum, rawValue));

because value.getValue() gives a String (as expected?) that can not be cast to List<Object>.
Can someone please help me understand this?

Do I need to return a list of lists for some reason?
Daniel Ocampo
May 14 2017 08:01
Hey guys, I would like to know if anyone knows about plans for releasing 0.13.2 for graphql-java-annotations? There are some very useful changes that have been done and it would really great to have a release (we actually are in great need of them). Here's the issue with some other people interested on it: graphql-java/graphql-java-annotations#70
Andreas Marek
May 14 2017 14:00
@danielocampo2 we will try :-)
Daniel Ocampo
May 14 2017 20:58
@andimarek thanks, really appreciate it!