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Sep 2018
Andreas Marek
Sep 03 03:28
@/all we just released graphql-java 10.0 and 9.3: this is the first time we release a new major version and a bugfix version. We plan to continue to support 9.x for some time, while continuing to release 11.0 etc. Please upgrade to 9.3 if you are just interested in bugfixes. If you are planning to use 10.0 please read the release notes for 10.0 carefully: we made some breaking changes around Ast Nodes you should be aware of. And here are the release notes for 9.3:
Antoine Boyer
Sep 03 04:04
Thumbs up on the releases guys! Thank you 🙏👌 for the hard work!
Marcel Overdijk
Sep 03 05:50
Great work!
@oliemansm maybe good to see if upgrading is possible in next Spring Boot Starter release?
Bojan Tomić
Sep 03 08:57
@bbakerman In 10.0 DatafetchingEnvironment is immutable, so getArguments() returns a new map each time. But the only available implementation, DataFetchingEnvironmentImpl is @Internal... so there's no easy way to modify the arguments. My use-case is that I need to transparently unwrap the Relay-style input argument.
My only idea (outside of directly instantiating DataFetchingEnvironmentImpl) is to create a decorator implementation of DataFetchingEnvironment. Which isn't too bad. But a transform method DataFetchingEnvironmentImpl might be an idea...
Sep 03 14:53
Hi I was wondering why graphql converts special characters in values changes to ?. This behaviour in field names is justified but why in attribute values too?
Armando Carballo
Sep 03 20:56
Hey! Im using SpringBoot, has anyone configured a scalar using a LocalDate field?
I've read that one must modify the ObjectMapper configured in the SchemaParser, but I can't make it work
Brad Baker
Sep 03 23:07
@ShiniIn - raw graphql-java changed not characters or values - what graphql library are you using?