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Sep 2018
Volodymyr Sydorchuk
Sep 17 09:27
@marceloverdijk Thank you. Imlementing GraphQLErrorHandler helped!
Andreas Marek
Sep 17 09:50
@/all we are thinking about removing BatchedExecutionStrategy. Please provide feedback here: graphql-java/graphql-java#1226
Marcel Overdijk
Sep 17 10:05
You are welcome @phoenix-ua
Marcel Overdijk
Sep 17 11:48
Is there any information available how MaxQueryComplexityInstrumentation works? I want to protect a GraphQL from malicious / to complex queries, but I don't understand how to pick a max query complexity?
Marcel Overdijk
Sep 17 11:51
thx @andimarek I will have a look
so the default calculator is using 1 per per scalar / custom type being requested
Bojan Tomić
Sep 17 12:59
I think a cool apprach is to use a directive to attach an expression that then gets evaluated to provide the complexity score
so you can have argument values taken into account for the requestsed length of the lists etc