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    Kleber Rocha
    @brasseld there 's some policy to check x5t#S256 in apim?
    @brasseld I’ve keycloak provider in Client Registration section. When we sudbscribe, a new client is getting created. Is there any way we can add sevice account role to this new client (instead of adding from keycloak manually)?
    Hi. Quick question (that I could not find answer for). We have kubernetes cluster with nginx as load balancer (nginx-ingress) and we are trying to put gravitee in front of our services. Path of traffic would be internet -> azure LB -> nginx LB -> gravitee -> our services (throws APIs). Right now, we have internet -> azure LB -> nginx LB -> kubernetes service. We use nginx-ingress to ensure sticky sessions on some of our services (we need this for some). Is there a way how to implement sticky sessions in this scenario with gravitee in the middle? Thank you!
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    Hi, Can someone help me how to Dockerize both gravitee-ui-component and gravitee-portal-webUI repositories?
    Heri Setyawan Nugroho
    Hi, can I use EL in eureka service discovery in field "The application name to query"? so can work like dynamic routing? thanks before
    Jonathan Bennett

    Hey :wave: I'm trying to use the traffic shadowing policy, and any combination of EL I use ends up with the following exception:

    Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 'io.gravitee.gateway.api.proxy.ProxyConnection io.gravitee.gateway.api.Connector.request(io.gravitee.gateway.api.proxy.ProxyRequest)'
        at io.gravitee.policy.trafficshadowing.TrafficShadowingPolicy.onRequestContent(TrafficShadowingPolicy.java:60)
        ... 93 common frames omitted

    So far defined an endpoint group called "requestbin" and used the template EL {#endpoints['requestbin']} for the target. Any possible tips, please?

    7 replies
    Hi ! I was wondering if there's some statistics about Gravitee's performance when using the hibrid deployment
    Brassely David
    Hi everyone, I'm back from vacations ! I don't have time to look after all your questions, so if it's urgent, please feel free to ask them again. Thanks!
    Hi @brasseld can you tell me how to Dockerize both gravitee-ui-component and gravitee-portal-webUI repositories?
    6 replies
    Is it possible to extract the application's client_id from the context of a request with SpEL when the application is calling an API with an API-key plan?
    15 replies
    Hi all
    1 reply
    I have a problem: 04:20:20.677 [vert.x-eventloop-thread-17] [] ERROR i.g.e.client.http.HttpClient - An error occurs while indexing data into ES: indice[gravitee-monitor-2021.08.26] error[index [gravitee-monitor-2021.08.26] blocked by: [TOO_MANY_REQUESTS/12/index read-only / allow delete (api)];]
    Can you help me?
    Yohann Fabri
    I can't make Gravitee AM 3.10.1 and APIM 3.5.XX work together,
    When I use Gravitee.io or OpenID integration on APIM side the AM gateway respond 401 : Invalid client: missing or unsupported authentication method on /oauth/token endpoint.
    Which seem to be related to the authentification method used by APIM client credential is on body and the AM seem only to support Basic auth header. On previous version of apim we have an option to choose the authentification.
    Do I miss something or this is a bug ?
    3 replies
    Yohann Fabri
    Ahmet AYDIN
    I'm preparing to Brownbag session about Gravitee API Gateway. Do you have slides for detailed information about features?
    1 reply
    Тигран Мартиросян
    Hi guys, i can not find any information about tracing support.
    Is it possible to generate some traceid and spanid in gravitee?
    we are getting this error from analytics,,, 07:16:20.566 [vert.x-eventloop-thread-0] [] ERROR i.g.r.e.i.DocumentBulkProcessor - Unexpected error while indexing data on
    is there a troubleshoot guide for this case
    André Santos
    Hello guys, sorry for the weird question but I wanted to have a more informed answer to a challenge that am I facing. Right now, my company is using the 1.22 version of gravitee (very old I know) and I am in charge of not only the migration to the latest version but to a k8s environment. Additionally, the company wants to change the management DB from mongo to a JDBC (Postgres most likely). I am thinking of using helm, and using aws services for the database. How should I proceed knowing that I want to change the database as well any recommendation? Should follow the update guide to the latest version, and then worry about the database or just start over from the latest version?
    13 replies
    Ben Shabtai


    It seems that our Gravitee app's (running on Kubernetes) portal component loads in with the title of 'Gravitee.io Portail' which then changes into our custom title page.
    It does not seem that this typo ('portail' instead of 'portal') is caused by our configuration, and I have found other portals which share this error on Google, which leads me to believe that this is a bug with Gravitee.

    Has anyone been able to solve this issue?

    hello guys, just updated to 3.11, i'm only seeing 10 users in org settings, are you experiencing this issue?
    5 replies
    hi. i'm using 3.11. but there is /oidc/.well-known/openid-configuration not showing subject_type_supported field. what should i do?
    8 replies
    Vincent Margerin
    Hello there,
    Is there an option to sanitize email notification (I can see it for Pages, but not for email) ?
    Thanks !
    3 replies
    Oliver Graebner
    Hi, I am trying to place the gateway in front of one of your existing development tools. To make that work I need to set the host header to a different value then the upstream service name, e.g. the host needs to reflect the original domain name the tool was hosted at. The setup in Kubernetes is: ingress with DNS name https://tool-1.mycompany => forwarding to gateway => forwarding to backend service http://internal-service-name; now the host header has the value "internal-service-name" and I need to set it to "tool-1.mycompany". Any chance to do this? Neither manipulating the header with "transform header" in the designer nor setting "preserve_host : true" has any effect ...
    3 replies
    Quentin Lauterbach
    Hi,Do liveness and readiness probes work when using gravitee in kubernetes environment?
    2 replies
    14 replies
    2021-09-07 14:59:48.032 [vert.x-eventloop-thread-3] [] ERROR i.g.g.s.h.rule.EndpointRuleHandler - An error has occurred during Health check response handler
    org.springframework.expression.spel.SpelParseException: Expression [#response.status == ''UP"] @24: EL1045E: Cannot find terminating " for string
    it is a log from gateway
    logback.xml is configured to write out the api id but in log it does not appears
    [vert.x-eventloop-thread-3] []
    the [] is empty
    APIM 3.9
    do you have some ideas about it ?
    furthermore I believe it is related to a fixed issue but I want to be sure the error
    2021-09-07 14:59:39.945 [gio-heartbeat] [] ERROR i.g.g.s.heartbeat.HeartbeatThread - An unexpected error occurs while monitoring the gateway
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Queue is full!
            at com.hazelcast.collection.impl.queue.QueueProxyImpl.add(QueueProxyImpl.java:59)
    is fixed in 3.10 or not
    Last error in 3.9.0 is there something identified about ES indexes
    4 replies
    2021-09-07 15:49:27.566 [vert.x-eventloop-thread-5] [] ERROR i.g.e.client.http.HttpClient - An error occurs while indexing data into ES: indice[gravitee-rcc-health-2021.09.07] error[failed to parse]
    2021-09-07 15:49:27.566 [vert.x-eventloop-thread-5] [] ERROR i.g.e.client.http.HttpClient - An error occurs while indexing data into ES: indice[gravitee-rcc-health-2021.09.07] error[failed to parse]
    2021-09-07 15:49:30.156 [vert.x-eventloop-thread-6] [] ERROR i.vertx.core.net.impl.ConnectionBase - readAddress(..) failed: Connection reset by peer
    I have a lot of these logs, but in management console analytics are reacheable and in ES all seems OK green open gravitee-rcc-health-2021.09.07 aydRw5A0SK-Sm0pxaK05Mg 1 1 10997358 0 2.7gb 1.4gb
    François Papon
    I can't find the path of the readiness/liveness for the gateway
    8 replies
    Any scripts to run while updating to am 3.11.0? https://docs.gravitee.io/am/current/am_installguide_migration.html
    3 replies
    Leo Vigna
    For websocket endpoints is there a specific type similar to HTTP and GRPC options? I don't see those options in the console UI. Or should we just set the endpoint type as HTTP?
    What about for the target? Should it be http://endpoint or ws://endpoint?
    In my tests, I've been unable to connect when setting target to ws://endpoint and have gotten Unexpected Continuation Frame error when setting target to http://endpoint. This always using a websocket connection to test out.
    2 replies
    Leo Vigna
    After investigating the issue deeper websocket seems to work with HTTP type and http://endpoint target. However, only with small payloads. When making a request that responds with a larger payload (2KB) I get Invalid WebSocket frame: invalid opcode 0 thrown when using the javascript ws client.
    I've tried increasing gateway config maxHeaderSize and maxChunkSize to no avail.
    Leo Vigna
    I have also disabled perMessageWebSocketCompressionSupported and perFrameWebSocketCompressionSupported
    Leo Vigna
    Does the gravitee proxy support websocket continuation frames? This seems to have been brought up in past issues.
    Hi. Is there a mechanism in gravitee to implement something like politics in all apis at once? Is it possible to make some kind of plugin that would modify the request or response before or after the policy chain? I need to remove some headers in the response from the api gateway, but for this I do not want to add a policy to each api that does this.
    6 replies