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Nov 2014
Nov 29 2014 23:18
Nabend jungs :) hier mal der entwurf für den blogpost....wenn der so für euch ok ist (bitte auch das english ruhig durchchecken und ggf korrigieren ;)) würde ich den dann morgen mal posten. Jute nacht :)

Moin Moin,

the year is nearly over and we want to discuss "what could be the next tick for node?" with everyone who is interested.
Let´s talk about what´s going on in the node-sphere and what to expect for the future.

Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014 19:00 NETEYE, Sternstrasse 117, Hamburg

We want to do this in an open-space-format where everybody can bring topics - tell us what you want to talk about! :)

Maybe we can talk about

The Advisory Board implemented by Joyent vs the NodeForward initiative?


What does it mean to us, that npm Inc. is backed by money now?


New tools appear, others fade. (eg express, hapi)



It's an open space. Just attend and - if you have something you want to talk about - put it to the table.

Afterwards we will present the results of the discussions.
We have plenty of space and drinks, don't hesitate to attend.

Everybody is welcome, even if you don't have a topic.


ok..die topics sind natürlich nicht so riesig im post....das kommt hier dadurch, dass ich da #(rauten) davor habe..^^