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Nov 2016
Greg Dennis
Nov 03 2016 02:06
@/all Manatee.Trello v1.13.0 just released! Read access to Trello's PowerUp platform is now available along with a Custom Fields implementation (Manatee.Trello.CustomFields)!
More power-up implementations to come. If you'd like to create your own, head over to the repo and use the custom fields implementation as an example. I'll be updating the wiki soon(ish).
Also (minor note), I've transitioned to the MIT license.
Greg Dennis
Nov 03 2016 02:11
@kajalp the Update event should fire whenever the underlying data is synchronized with Trello (and the data has changed). This functionality is intended to be used alongside webhooks. If you're not using webhooks, the data will update on an interval so long as you're regularly accessing the object.
Kajal Parekh
Nov 03 2016 14:02
Thank you!