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Repo info
    i dont follow how the bind works
    Robert Jane
    how do i store the state of this angular script (http://codepen.io/jjosef/pen/fFhAo/) on page reload using angular-local-storage?
    Does this library work with AngularJS 1.3.x?
    which cookie service does it use? $cookieStore is deprecated as per AngularJS docs. Will this work with $cookies?
    Renato Mefi
    I'm using it with 1.3.15 and it's working fine!
    I don't know about the $cookie store, but I believe you can check it easily!
    Paciencia Zinga Canda
    hi all. Can someone help me with an issue I am having? My Angular app uses local storage at certain points, however just received an issue that this does not work on Safari private mode.
    Now, I have used this module and it seems to stop the app from breaking however it doesn't use the cookie fallback
    I have tried to just use cookies at all times and this seems to work everywhere else.. Safari on private mode says it supports cookies but doesn't seem to be setting any cookie through the localStorageService
    Has anyone come across a similar issue?
    Can the storage type be set at runtime, as I need to use both session and local storage depending on the scenario?
    localStorageService.set(key, dataObject) // returns true
    localStorage.getItem(key); // this is null... but why?
    howdy, any ideas on this ^
    oy.. typo.. nevermind
    Puneet Aggarwal
    Is anybody here?
    hii all.how to store json data on localstorage?
    Muhamad Ryan Efendi
    cant load localStorageServiceProvider , can anyone help me ?
    Hey Guys, I have written a new function to update/create a key on a specific location.
    var _setLocalStorageData = function (storageName, keyName, keyValue) {
    var storageData = localStorageService.get(storageName);
    if (storageData) {
    storageData[keyName] = keyValue;
    localStorageService.set(storageName, storageData);
    else {
    localStorageService.set(storageName, { keyName: keyValue });
    If the storage location does not exists, i am trying to create new with the keyName and keyValue in the else statement
    After the line execution i see storage with key as keyName but not the string value i have provided to the variable. How can i achieve this ?
    Ken Petti
    does this module support chrome packaged apps, that don't have access to localstorage?

    Hi all! I've got a silly question. I hope it works or there maybe is a way to fix around this.

    I want to set in the config how growl messages are handled.
    I want the user the dynamically to be able to set if a growl message needs to clicked away by the user itself or that a delay of 5000ms should be used.

    I need to do this in the config of Angular and i cannot inject "localStorageService" only the "localStorageServiceProvider".

    This is the code so far, but it doesn't work sadly.
    .config(['NotificationProvider', 'localStorageServiceProvider', 'localStorageService',
    function (NotificationProvider, localStorageServiceProvider, localStorageService) {
        localStorageService.set('growlNotificationSettings', {
            delay: null,
            X: 'right',
            Y: 'top'
            var growlNotificationSettings = localStorageService.get('growlNotificationSettings');
                delay: growlNotificationSettings.delay,
                startTop: 20,
                startRight: 10,
                verticalSpacing: 20,
                horizontalSpacing: 20,
                positionX: growlNotificationSettings.X,
                positionY: growlNotificationSettings.Y
    Priyan Perera
    please have a look at my issue.
    I am using local storage to persist authentication data. But, when I access the stored data from the interceptor, it returns null. I have created a question in stackoverflow. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41582295/angular-local-storage-returning-null-on-saved-value
    Dan Knight
    Hi. Can I use both session and local storage at the same time with this module?
    my website creates local storage even whit empty page
    who creates it because chrome shows one cookies in use even everything is empty
    or only creates the storage for the content ?
    can we prevent this