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like MEW etherwallet
can i view wallet balances in grin? if send from exchange to local how to verify receive without node conneted on https://github.com/mimblewimble/docs/wiki/Wallet-User-Guide#node-address
looking for some to quickly get stuff to and out from yet longterm, no fullnode
Blade Doyle
You need a node to verify the transaction is posted to the blockchain. I guess you could use data from an explorer to verify the output is on the chain. Another option is to use a public node such as https://grinnode.live/
mmh, so no paperwallet thingy, dear thats missing!
exmaple https://pyrus.ubiqsmart.com/ super simple and good, can we please have that
@coolman_kurt_twitter , it is in "contribution" section of wiki. https://github.com/mimblewimble/grin/wiki
kurt coolman
Thanks @Whataloser, I informed about that. The one in the RFC section has been corrected
Jesse Posner

anyone else having trouble verifying the shasum for grin-wallet-v4.0.0-macos.tar.gz?

The shasum file:

SHA256(/Users/runner/runners/2.171.1/work/1/a/grin-wallet-v4.0.0-macos.tar.gz)= f18615b8f2d49bf444fd0f413a322984e5fb36147cc0031f637b86ee17d82d15


$ wget https://github.com/mimblewimble/grin/releases/download/v4.0.0/grin-v4.0.0-macos.tar.gz
$ shasum -a 256 grin-v4.0.0-macos.tar.gz
dad23536f02a983ab0feb7d7c66e51026a043db193f9d580e842d6ac39a1645f  grin-v4.0.0-macos.tar.gz
Jesse Posner
created an issue here: mimblewimble/grin-wallet#465
Jesse Posner
doh, I ran shasum against the node instead of the wallet, checks out now:
$ shasum -a 256 grin-wallet-v4.0.0-macos.tar.gz
f18615b8f2d49bf444fd0f413a322984e5fb36147cc0031f637b86ee17d82d15  grin-wallet-v4.0.0-macos.tar.gz
Is grin v4 must use v3 api, v2 is obsolete
can we please get sth like MEW, no fancy bs before some simple mass wallet thats safe
Can someone tell me what changed in hiveos + grinmint with bminer? I get invalid uri now
how to establish a shared key before call owner rpc method?
Blade Doyle
@haiheipijuan The shared secret is found in ~/.grin/main/.owner_api_secret
James Mason
lets say i need to do a file transaction with like with wallet 3.1.1 on 4.0 how would i do that?
tx response etc
would i have to reformat the file
James Mason
oh thank f**kn jesus have mercy i just had to unpack it lmao
i wasnt sure if the format spec changed
and i didnt have anything to compare and contrast
Anyone else have MXC exchange tell them that they won'twithdraw??
Blade Doyle
I’m not familiar with Mxc specifically but many exchanges have temporarily halted grin deposits and withdraw due to the recent 51% attack. They should open again soon but with longer confirmation times.
Hello, first-time grinner. Just got my setup up. Running Ubuntu 20.10, grin 4.0.0, grin.wallet and grin.minter on Nvidia Gforce GTX TI 1080 11GB. All good, found solutions so far. Is there any way to anticipate how many solutions I need before I find a block?
John Tromp
network_diff / 16384 many solutions if you're mining C32
excuse me, when grin 5.0 hard fork will be excuting?
Hello. Would like to verify, but it is no longer possible to mine with C29 (with GPU's) since the network is converging towards C32 (ASICS), correct?
John Tromp
C29 is gone since HF4
20210206 06:30:56.228 DEBUG grin_wallet_api::owner - Unable to send via TOR: Client Callback Error: Performing version check (is recipient listening?): Request error: Cannot make request: error trying to connect: Unsucce ssful reply: HostUnreachable
Does anyone know why it caused the mistake ???
Blade Doyle
Are you running the latest version? V5.0.1 node and v5.0.3 wallet. There was an api mismatch in one of the earlier v5 releases, but was fixed. Please let me know if the error continues with the latest versions.
Hi guys, I'm new on the project and I begin Javascript Node ( principaly ). I disover this project so I wanna try mining and also contribute to this open source project. So I start install with brew ( on mac ), create wallet, sync with IronBelly app. All right, but now, when I write grin on shell, I have interface shell but in Logs section, they said : 'Error grin-p2p::peers - Failed to find peers: NotFundErr('chain db is None'). Any idea ?
Capture d’écran 2021-03-04 à 12.06.54.png
For a long time I wanted to try something new for you URL http://v.ht/sd1yTq
That's very beautiful http://v.ht/qC0DL
Thank you
So what does everyone think about mimblewimble
Have any more projects adopted it other than grin, beam, and litecoin?
I believe most of the discussion around Mimblewimble has been moved to discord
Mining with grin-miner using cuckarooz_cuda_29 plugin by a rtx 3080 ti graphic card. However, the tui didn't show any solutions found, and my GPS is around 2.2K. Is it normal? How do I know if the graphic card is mining correctly?
Jeffrey Rufino
hey guys, hows this project going?
  • Unable to send via TOR: Client Callback Error: Performing version check (is recipient listening?): Request error: Cannot make request: error trying to connect: Unsuccessful reply: HostUnreachable
But my receiving monitoring is turned on, have you encountered this problem?
20211223 17:26:46.591 DEBUG grin_wallet_impls::tor::process - Dec 23 17:26:46.000 [notice] Tor has successfully opened a circuit. Looks like client functionality is working.
20211223 17:26:46.591 DEBUG grin_wallet_impls::tor::process - Dec 23 17:26:46.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 100%: Done
20211223 17:26:46.592 WARN grin_wallet_controller::controller - Starting HTTP Foreign listener API server at
20211223 17:26:46.592 WARN grin_wallet_controller::controller - HTTP Foreign listener started.
20211223 17:26:46.592 WARN grin_wallet_controller::controller - Slatepack Address is: grin18mcrujaf67q5tzacjkskgeytgfst4unuf83w8unmsqc9c7feg5yqsw6rzf