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Repo info
    Sheetal Giri
    it worked fine locally
    Hello, if my gruntfile.js is not in the root folder but in a 'server' folder, what I have to write in the package.json instead of "scripts: { "grunt": "grunt" } ?
    hello eveyone

    This is my gruntfile.js
    module.exports = function (grunt) {

    concat_css: {
    options: {},
    files: {
    'dest/compiled.css': ['src/styles/componentA.css', 'src/styles/componentB.css'],
    grunt.registerTask('default', ['grunt-concat-css']);

    And i am using grunt concat_css
    Task run successfully without error
    But files are not concatenated
    whats the issue
    Bruno Alexandre
    guys, I'm fairly new to grunt and I would like to know what is the best approach in create several deploys from a big code base.
    the idea is to devide the API into microservices (each one in it's own server/vm), I could simply create a folder with only the available rountes for that microservice, but still using the "common" codebase... can anyone point me to a good reference on ... where to start? (btw, I'm using heroku for deployment)
    hello all
    Shiva Prasanth
    how to load .vue files using grunt
    is there any way to load .vue to output to js using grunt
    i'm not a big fan of webpack
    Johannes Weber
    Does anybody has a good read to switch from grunt to webpack?
    Joel A. Jaime B.
    Hi, is anyone know how to use browserify so that require keyword can work ?
    Sebastian Wierzbicki

    I dont know if it’s a good channel for that. But i’ll try…
    I use a ui-mask plugin in angular 1.5.x
    And strange thing happend. I include <script> tag into my html and

    <script type="text/javascript" src="bower_components/angular-ui-mask/dist/mask.js"></script>

    . I added ui.mask in my app module dependencies. I add to my app.config.js this peace of code:

            .config(['uiMask.ConfigProvider', function(uiMaskConfigProvider) {

    And after minification and concatenation. I have an error about problem with injecting ConfigProvider.
    I was trying to compare content of bower_components/angular-ui-mask/dist/mask.js with minified components.js and there wasnt some part of code :O
    WTF :O

    Evgeniy Aksyonov

    Hey guys!

    I'm trying to figure out how to use grunt-ng-annotate for multiple directiries.

    Now it works with one folder, but unfortunately doesn't with the second one.
    Here's working config:

        ngAnnotate: {
          dist: {
            files: [{
              expand: true,
              cwd: '.tmp/concat/scripts',
              src: '*.js',
              dest: '.tmp/concat/scripts'

    and I need something like this(to add js files from different folder into the process):

        ngAnnotate: {
          dist: {
            files: [{
              expand: true,
              cwd: '.tmp/concat/scripts',
              src: '*.js',
              dest: '.tmp/concat/scripts'
          dev: {
            files: [{
              expand: true,
              cwd: '<%= yeoman.app %>/components/',
              src: '*.js',
              dest: '.tmp/concat/scripts'

    And here's how 'build' task looks like:

      grunt.registerTask('build', [
    While I was hunting grunts, I got redirected here, so where are you hiding grunts !
    Dirk Lipjes

    Hi guys :) hope someone can help me with a simple stupid question.

    I have a problem with grunt-contrib-uglify && grunt-contrib-concat.
    We use it for SCSS files and JS files in our Project. It work's almost perfect. My problem now is, that grunt-contrib-concat creates a new CSS/JS file and after that uglify create a new .min.js/.min.css file. Thats pretty nice, but uglify doesn't delete the compiled file.


    - Sass
    -- example.scss
    -- Modules
    --- _variables.scss
    - Css
    -- example.css
    -- example.min.css

    And the same with JS. How can i delete the useless files within the uglify task?

    Kannan T
    hi am concating all my js files into single file which includes bower components js files too now am facing many problems
    there are too many "use strict" so because of that am facing one issue which is variable is already defined
    Identifier 'webpack' has already been declared
    hi all
    I am new to grunt and to to the community as well
    seem quite here ! isn't ?
    Mohamad Nimer
    Kind of

    Warning: The "path" argument must be of type string Use --force to continue.

    Could someone help me with this warning

    I added grunt output in the end
    Also i found out If i remove jshint from this line
    grunt.registerTask('default', ['jshint', 'qunit', 'concat', 'uglify']);
    Then there is no warning
    I am very new in grunt so if someone could help me
    ok, i upgraded grunt-contrib-jshint and the above warning goes away but now it gives error injquery.mobile-1.4.5.js and jquery.mask-min.js
    Errors are like this ^ Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression.
    and there are so many more than 80
    how can I fix it?
    Serj Lavrin
    @nikhilka08 better use eslint instead of jshint. JSHint is deprecated by now.
    is vlad not in here...
    Juan Fernandes
    Hi all

    I'm getting this error, after installing, plugin-node-tab, I know its not likely to be a pattern lab issue

    Loading "Gruntfile.js" tasks...ERROR

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'options' of undefined

    Googling this type of error does not show up anything useful.

    Is there a way for me to find out more info about the error, the line even

    Artur Soler
    Hi, I have a Gruntfile.js (I didn't prepare it myself), and it has a bowercopy operation in there. I'm wondering why in some environment (local) it works correctly, but in another (a docker container) it doesn't, just showing lines as following:
    Running "bowercopy:libs" (bowercopy) task
    (node:427) [DEP0022] DeprecationWarning: os.tmpDir() is deprecated. Use os.tmpdir() instead.
    bower not-cached git://github.com/bago/knockout-undomanager.git#v0.2.1
    bower resolve git://github.com/bago/knockout-undomanager.git#v0.2.1
    bower not-cached git://github.com/bago/knockout.wrap.git#mosaico
    bower resolve git://github.com/bago/knockout.wrap.git#mosaico
    bower not-cached git://github.com/Raynos/console-browserify.git#~1.0.3
    bower resolve git://github.com/Raynos/console-browserify.git#~1.0.3
    bower not-cached git://github.com/bago/colorpicker.git#mosaico
    bower resolve git://github.com/bago/colorpicker.git#mosaico
    Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated! :)
    is there any way to config https proxy?
    Is this channel active?
    Nayan Khedkar
    hi , is there any grunt module that executes tasks in parallel and if even if one of the task got failed , the other should complete the execution with out any hassels. I have tried grunt-parallel and grunt-concurrent but they are not working for me
    any help is appreciated