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Repo info
    @damienwebdev I'm not positve but it looks like you might be mixing the promise return style with the error first callback style
    Andy Bayer
    hey all, i'm having a weird issue where a task's dependency is being run, and is completing, but the task which depends on it is never running. i've confirmed the dependency is returning the stream
    Andy Bayer
    issue with merge stream
    Andy Bayer
    has anyone used tasks that have mergeStreams as dependenceis? should be trivial but is not working
    Andy Bayer
    a task with dependencies works when it's run by itself (gulp taskname), but when running a task which depends on it it doesn't even start
    John Manko
    Is there a way to avoid Starting '<anonymous>' when using shell.task, like exports.ngBuild = series(shell.task(...))
    I'd like the task to be named, instead of "anonymous"
    @johnmanko name the function or leverage the displayName property.
    Marc Guilera
    i would like to use gulp with objects (ie config) and not files. is it possible to create an object stream?
    @marcguilera how do you mean? You want Gulp to build upon and extend upon an existing object?

    Any ideas why this doesn't print console output?

    'use strict';
    import { exec } from 'child_process';
    import { task } from 'gulp';
    task('build', function(cb) {
      exec('bundle exec jekyll serve --incremental', function(err, stdout, stderr) {

    CLI version: 2.2.0
    Local version: 4.0.2

    Pablo Rubiano
    hello, good evening!

    How is it possible to overwrite a file?

    .src ('js / main.js')
    .pipe (process ...)
    .pipe (gulp.dest ('js / main.js'));

    *gulp 3
    Jentan Bernardus
    @pcrubianoa Maybe you should look into gulp-replace
    Mahmoud Zakaria
    Hey guys, a new CLI for generating webpack/gulp starter config file
    Hi all! I'm using Gulp's gulp.lastRun() for incremental builds with the watcher. How can I trigger a rebuild for the whole module where the current changed file is part of? In other words, how can I add more files to the src based on the current file's path? I tried using gulp.src() within a custom through2 stream, but for some reason the stream never ends. Any help would be appreciated.
    Mher Shahinyan
    Hi guys, how to do this so that the imported CSS code only affects the #editor ID. Thanks
    #editor {
        // Import Bulma
        @import "~bulma";
        // Import Buefy;
        @import '~buefy/dist/buefy.css';
        // Import Functions
        @import "functions.scss";
    Wang Shidong

    hello, I just finish the tasks support in SpaceVim, but failed to run gulp tasks in windows os, so whats is the command of gulp task in command line.


    Hey guys, how are you?
    Can someone help me with this issue?

    Basically I'm trying to run an Angular project with Gulp in linux distributions and I'm getting some errors. It's an old project and it's has been kind of annoying to solve that.

    Ben Lu
    Not sure if this is the right place for this, was wondering is I can pass a flag or something so that when I have a gulpfile.ts, I can run gulp ts-node with transpile only so that it doesn't spend 5 seconds typechecking my project every time
    Hey there! I'm sorry it sure seems quite inappropriate to reach out with a collaboration given this unpredictable crisis
    Still, the time for this meaningful opportunity is now - re-imagining CPAAS, taking it to another level with actual considerations for data privacy
    Since touching on Gulp, the best fit is a truly passionate, skilled DEV with ambitions for a lead role. Very interested in touching base with you (I'm afraid got no DEV bkgd :)). Even if entirely unrelated, feel free to reach out

    Hi i have problem with my task:

    function eslinting() {
        return new Promise(async (resolve, reject) => {
            exec(`eslint ./src/**/*`, (error, stdout, stderr) => {
                if (error || stderr) {
                } else
    } = gulp.series(

    reject("test"); is thrown but because it is in gulp.parallel i getting:

    [15:58:50] The following tasks did not complete: build
    [15:58:50] Did you forget to signal async completion?
        throw err;
    Error [ERR_UNHANDLED_ERROR]: Unhandled error. ({ uid: 0,
      name: '<parallel>',
      branch: true,
       { Error [ERR_UNHANDLED_ERROR]: Unhandled error. ({ uid: 2,
         name: 'eslinting',
         branch: false,
         error: 'test',
         duration: [ 1, 679123000 ],
    When doing = eslinting
    It works fine, and correctly throws an error. But when doping it in parallel, the paraller wraps it in own error that is not correctly handled ? Any idea ?
    Just to visualize problem:
    function example() {
        return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
            reject("error message");
    exports.incorrectErrorThrown = gulp.series(example, example)
    exports.correctErrorMsg = example
    [16:48:51] Starting 'correctErrorMsg'...
    [16:48:51] 'correctErrorMsg' errored after 3.09 ms
    [16:48:51] Error: error message
    [16:49:52] Starting 'incorrectErrorThrown'...
    [16:49:52] 'build' errored after 6.3 ms
    [16:49:52] Error [ERR_UNHANDLED_ERROR]: Unhandled error. ({ uid: 0,
      name: 'example',
      branch: false,
      error: 'error message',
      duration: [ 0, 1544500 ],
      time: 1588603792682 })
    Andrius Solopovas
    Guys isn't anyone of you annoyed about the chrome console bug where "selected context only" setting does not persist, doesn't it bother you when you get error messages from plugins rather than from application you develop? Can at least a few of you vote for this to be fixed?
    Rasool Ghafari
    Hello everyone, could anyone help me with answer to this question?
    Hi everyone, Can anyone share their perspective on why project issues are discussed here in Gitter instead of under the comments section of the issue report in the GitHub issue tracker?
    Hey, all. I'm working on trying to debug an errored task. Could anyone help?


    Error: premature close
        at onclosenexttick (C:\Users\michael.melton\Desktop\xxx\node_modules\end-of-stream\index.js:53:86)
        at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:79:11)

    gulp -v output:

    CLI version: 2.3.0
    Local version: 4.0.2


    unction isChanged (file) {
      if (file.event === 'change') {
        console.log(file.history[0].split('\\')[file.history[0].split('\\').length - 1] + ' changed. Moving file...');
        return file.event === 'change';
    var filterChanged = filter(isChanged);
    gulp.task('watch-folder', function changeFile () {
      return gulp.src(source + '/**/**')
        .pipe(watch(source + '/**/**'))
        .pipe(gulp.dest(destination).on('error', (error) => {console.log(`\n\n\n\n${error}`)}));
    I'm watching for changes in a local folder, and moving it to a OneDrive location for Sync with a Sharepoint site.
    ia anyone avalible for help?
    I wont to load specific files before i load a directory.. i want to exlude files already loaded
    Hi Im new in gulp
    Can anyone suggest me ?, how can I use gulp for electron and angular building purpose
    Mahmoud Zakaria
    Guys, I'm using gulp-sass and it gives me that error msg Invalid CSS after "$direction:'right'": expected 1 selector or at-rule, was "{}
    gulp-sass doesn't go for indented-syntax?!
    Mahmoud Zakaria
    This is the gulp-sass implementation inside gulpfile.js