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Repo info
    Luis Cordova
    git branch
    • master
    git checkout -b i-will-do-feature-a
    vim files...
    git add .
    git commit -am "feature a"
    gush b:p
    gush b : p
    of course previously i have created gush b:f my fork with that command
    Attila Bukor
    hey guys
    Luis Cordova
    so previously i have cloned giving the following remotes
    for instance in gush
    ~ git r Luiss-MacBook-Pro-3 [10:26:07]
    cordoval git@github.com:cordoval/gush.git (fetch)
    cordoval git@github.com:cordoval/gush.git (push)
    origin git@github.com:gushphp/gush.git (fetch)
    origin git@github.com:gushphp/gush.git (push)
    pierredup git@github.com:pierredup/gush.git (fetch)
    pierredup git@github.com:pierredup/gush.git (push)
    git r == git remote -v
    notice i always use git transport which is recommended
    gush b: p for branch push
    then gush p:create
    if you yourself merge your PRs on a solo worfklow
    gush p:merge 24; gush b:d; git checkout master; git branch -d -
    should do the merging and stuff, if you use gush bldr block
    then it is just
    gush p:merge 24; dev merge; git branch -d -
    we are trying to shorten all of that completely
    to just dev merge
    Rajib Paudyal
    hey Luis, why don't you do a sitepoint article about it? I see you visit the site quite often... Gush will get its traction too...
    Luis Cordova
    i will do that
    good point
    on it then
    Luis Cordova
    i am on the browser on this gitter thing
    i will install the osx app
    anyone else have develop other flows?
    Rajib Paudyal
    nah, me too in browser....
    Davi Marcondes Moreira
    Hi! Thank you @cordoval for the invitation, I'll catch you guys later (at work atm). Have a good one!
    @cordoval Thanks for the invitation!
    Carlo Denaro
    hi guys, thank you Luis for the invitation
    Jacob Kiers
    @cordoval Interested in a PR for JIRA that makes it show the real users' name instead of the nick?
    IMO that would look a lot better.
    Luis Cordova
    @jacobkiers yes i guess we already merged, nice
    good job @jacobkiers
    and thanks
    good jo
    Jacob Kiers
    You're welcome.
    Daniel Fahlke
    is there a reason the gush.phar comes without an #!/usr/bin/env php
    I like to put such things into my users bin directory
    Luis Cordova
    hmm i removed the shebang i think from the stub because i think it could be possible to do this without problem, hmm let me check
    can you please put it back if that fixes your problem?