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Repo info
    Luis Cordova
    so previously i have cloned giving the following remotes
    for instance in gush
    ~ git r Luiss-MacBook-Pro-3 [10:26:07]
    cordoval git@github.com:cordoval/gush.git (fetch)
    cordoval git@github.com:cordoval/gush.git (push)
    origin git@github.com:gushphp/gush.git (fetch)
    origin git@github.com:gushphp/gush.git (push)
    pierredup git@github.com:pierredup/gush.git (fetch)
    pierredup git@github.com:pierredup/gush.git (push)
    git r == git remote -v
    notice i always use git transport which is recommended
    gush b: p for branch push
    then gush p:create
    if you yourself merge your PRs on a solo worfklow
    gush p:merge 24; gush b:d; git checkout master; git branch -d -
    should do the merging and stuff, if you use gush bldr block
    then it is just
    gush p:merge 24; dev merge; git branch -d -
    we are trying to shorten all of that completely
    to just dev merge
    Rajib Paudyal
    hey Luis, why don't you do a sitepoint article about it? I see you visit the site quite often... Gush will get its traction too...
    Luis Cordova
    i will do that
    good point
    on it then
    Luis Cordova
    i am on the browser on this gitter thing
    i will install the osx app
    anyone else have develop other flows?
    Rajib Paudyal
    nah, me too in browser....
    Davi Marcondes Moreira
    Hi! Thank you @cordoval for the invitation, I'll catch you guys later (at work atm). Have a good one!
    @cordoval Thanks for the invitation!
    Carlo Denaro
    hi guys, thank you Luis for the invitation
    Jacob Kiers
    @cordoval Interested in a PR for JIRA that makes it show the real users' name instead of the nick?
    IMO that would look a lot better.
    Luis Cordova
    @jacobkiers yes i guess we already merged, nice
    good job @jacobkiers
    and thanks
    good jo
    Jacob Kiers
    You're welcome.
    Daniel Fahlke
    is there a reason the gush.phar comes without an #!/usr/bin/env php
    I like to put such things into my users bin directory
    Luis Cordova
    hmm i removed the shebang i think from the stub because i think it could be possible to do this without problem, hmm let me check
    can you please put it back if that fixes your problem?
    also i have set it up in /usr/local/bin/gush on puppet vagrant
    and it works, so not sure why this wouldn’t work
    Daniel Fahlke
    as I use the phar, I cant simple edit it, as the signature fails then :D
    to describe it a bit more, I have the gush.phar in ~/bin/ which is inside my path, so I can do everywhere "gush.phar" to execute it, but without the shebang my bash tries to execute it as is bash, which results in "/home/flyingmana/bin/gush.phar: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory"
    but cloning the project and use the bin script from there works
    Luis Cordova
    we should then include it back
    sorry it took so long
    if not included by now let’s included
    Luis Cordova
    it was included back on master
    just in case