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Repo info
    Luis Cordova
    and thanks
    good jo
    Jacob Kiers
    You're welcome.
    Daniel Fahlke
    is there a reason the gush.phar comes without an #!/usr/bin/env php
    I like to put such things into my users bin directory
    Luis Cordova
    hmm i removed the shebang i think from the stub because i think it could be possible to do this without problem, hmm let me check
    can you please put it back if that fixes your problem?
    also i have set it up in /usr/local/bin/gush on puppet vagrant
    and it works, so not sure why this wouldn’t work
    Daniel Fahlke
    as I use the phar, I cant simple edit it, as the signature fails then :D
    to describe it a bit more, I have the gush.phar in ~/bin/ which is inside my path, so I can do everywhere "gush.phar" to execute it, but without the shebang my bash tries to execute it as is bash, which results in "/home/flyingmana/bin/gush.phar: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory"
    but cloning the project and use the bin script from there works
    Luis Cordova
    we should then include it back
    sorry it took so long
    if not included by now let’s included
    Luis Cordova
    it was included back on master
    just in case
    Florian Weber
    @cordoval ping
    Luis Cordova
    @webflo just saw this
    sorry i missed you
    please email directly to catch my attention
    cordoval at gmail
    Brian Young
    just wanted to pop in to say Gush is a really great tool. Thanks!
    Luis Cordova
    thanks @cravecode
    it is the join effort of many people like you and us working over the past several years :)
    as long as it saves us time it will live on
    we are doing now a refactoring to move the adapters to the repos back in
    Stefano Kowalke
    Hey guys, what happend to your website http://gushphp.org/. Is it not available anymore?
    hey, if anyone has any remote remote , designer, DevOps or Sysadmin jobs they can post them at http://webwork.io
    Luis Cordova
    @Konafets we lost it
    but gush project still rages on
    we actually let it go
    we now support gush on docker container :)
    and is the preferred way to use gush
    check out instructions on the repository