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    Frank Hossfeld
    Ok, just see, that you want to handle a reload. Then you need any kind of sessiuonStorage. Please ignore my comment using a singleton.
    ok thanks
    Do you think gwt blocks access and execution of JS that is loaded part of iframe?
    How can I enable cross site access?
    Frank Wynants

    Hi all.

    Using GWT3 compatible stuff (JsInterop / elemental2).

    I want to intercept calls to console.log in my own code. So I can capture all the strings written to the console in my own code.

    On StackOverflow I can find solutions for JavaScript like for example : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11403107/capturing-javascript-console-log

    Can I achieve this in GWT? And how?


    i am trying to index a set<String> from an Entity using Objectify in GWT
    but i am getting this error when i try to project the set value
    any idea what i'm doing wrong?
    Thomas Broyer
    @zhivko GWT does not block anything, your browser likely is. The error in the console is about autofocusing a textarea in the iframe, not sure that would break the whole "app" though, so there might be something else (and it's likely coming from the embedded app itself so you couldn't do anything about it). You might try to use sandbox on your iframe (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/iframe#attr-sandbox) where you'd need at least allow-scripts, possibly more.
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    Frank Hossfeld
    Do you think gwt blocks access and execution of JS that is loaded part of iframe?
    It’s not GWT that is blocking, it is the browser.
    Thomas Broyer
    @FrankW76 It's possible with JsInterop. AFAICT, you'd have to declare a @JsFunction interface whose method has the appropriate signature to correctly receive the arguments (and/or you could use Js.arguments() to get the arguments, without declaring them formally in the method signature), and then declare a static @JsProperty for console.log so you can retrieve the original function if needed, and replace it with your own (as an instance of that @JsFunction interface)
    Ahmad K. Bawaneh
    I always try to avoid sharing transient data between views and make sure that the url has enough information to reconstruct my views, specialy when I want to share urls between different users or different browsers/sessions ..having the data stored in the session will also fail if you give the url to another user or use a different browser ..etc
    if that transient data can fit in the URL then I would put it there..or maybe an ID that help me fetch the data in the other view, and might use the session storage as simple caching strategy ..
    Thomas Broyer
    This all depends what kind of "UI state" you want/have to store, and whether it can be shared or not. E.g. the expanded/collapsed state of a tree probably doesn't need to be shared, and yet you might want it to survive page reloads. Same for form contents (possibly stored in local storage to survive longer than a refresh; I believe that's what GitHub does when you're writing a comment). But if there's a reason to "share it", or "bookmark it", then yes by all means put it in the URL.
    Dmitrii Tikhomirov
    To Whom It May Concern :) new release of xml jre/gwt/j2cl compatible mapper/marshaller https://github.com/treblereel/mapper-xml/releases/tag/mapper-parent-0.4
    Hi Everyone!! Guys you could please help me. I am trying to use lombok but when I try to compile I receive an error, the build can not identify the code generated by lombok. I am using maven and I am new in GWT. Do you what is going on? Thank you!!!
    Colin Alworth
    gwt can't use lombok out of the box - lombok generates new bytecode, while gwt reads the sources from your project instead of bytecode
    My app is using the GWT 2.8.2 version
    Colin Alworth
    that said, lombok has a jdt backend, and gwt uses jdt, so it is possible to load up lombok into gwt and ask it to run as gwt is working
    you must have some configuration like that in your gwt-maven-plugin setup for lombok to work in gwt
    Hum ok. I will take a look on that.
    Thank you.
    Colin Alworth
    if you inherited this project with lombok already added, it likely either has this, or didnt build before you got started (perhaps was only meant to build in an IDE? stranger things have happened...)
    Yes, I have inherited the project with lombok but they never used in GWT scope I think so.
    It was created 2 years ago
    and have to put on prod
    in an few days
    and I am applying a few enhancements
    Colin Alworth
    i might suggest leaving lombok out of gwt then if it is going out very soon, and stick to what is known to work
    Daniel Korbel
    I use lombok with gwt
    codeserverArgs are my project specific

    Do you haven a stacktrace or project to look at?

    there is some error with latest lombok versions (for my projects)
    see: projectlombok/lombok#2883

    Maybe it is you error too

    Daniel Korbel
    I use one lombok version accross all my modules and it is: 1.18.10
    Colin Alworth
    We're starting an informal gwt contributors/developers call shortly (though i'm running a little late) - please feel free to join us at meet.google.com/kqf-zczm-zis to talk about gwt, j2cl, or the general ecosystem, someone will add you to the room when they're able
    Colin Alworth
    jetty+htmlunit upgrade builds available at https://repo.vertispan.com/gwt-snapshot/com/google/gwt/gwt-dev/2.10.0-htmlunit-upgrade-SNAPSHOT/, add https://repo.vertispan.com/gwt-snapshot/ to your repositories and change gwt version to 2.10.0-htmlunit-upgrade-SNAPSHOT if you want to try it out
    4 replies
    i only just deployed it just now, have done all testing inside of gwt itself so far, just starting to test maven now
    2 replies
    Rocco De Angelis
    Dam that I miss this call. Has this been announced somehow?
    Dmitrii Tikhomirov
    @rdeangelis83 yeah, it was great a meetup. \
    Or Goshen
    hi guys
    in my web.xml file I have a security constraint to force people to use HTTPS
    looks like this:
    when I deploy the war file it all works like peaches
    the problem I have is when I run the server locally using
    mvn jetty:run -pl *-server -am -Denv=dev
    server run normally, but when I try to access it I get
    HTTP ERROR 403 !Secure
    .. naturally since I dont have SSL set on localhost
    what I am forced to do is it comment out the security constant back and forth