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Apr 2015
Kyle Wilson
Apr 18 2015 03:22
I'm almost done with the test cases but I still don't know how to include md5
Sam Gwydir
Apr 18 2015 13:10
Went to sleep early last night -- but now we have totally automatic file inclusion for cmake, with the caveat that now the only way to /exclude/ a file from buildilng is change the file extension.
@bluyam working on that
also I fixed what looked like a merge error in dgcrypto.
(the test for dgcrypto)
Rafael Moreno
Apr 18 2015 15:51
at some point during the weekend could you tell me why it's telling my Random Prime is not being declared in the scope Sam? or anyone who can C++?
#include "dgcrypto/dgrandomprime.hh"

#include "rsa-crypt-lib.hh"

mpz_class RsaCrypt::generate_key(){
  RandomPrime* prime = new RandomPrime::RandomPrime();

  return prime;

I'm including the Random Prime file and I've also tried to declare it DG::Crypt::RandomPrime but it doesn't work
Rafael Moreno
Apr 18 2015 16:01
and you can ignore the fact that the second half of the declaration has RandomPrime::RandomPrime()
Sam Gwydir
Apr 18 2015 16:45
@ralphie9224 what file is that?
Sam Gwydir
Apr 18 2015 18:24
@Atrus7 I commented your rsa-attack-lib in develop and made some changes so it can find the files in the test
Sam Gwydir
Apr 18 2015 20:01
@/all commented and made small changes all over the code base
@ralphie9224 I think most of your issue was you made everything static