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Repo info
    Xi Chen
    may I ask how to use global options in chartjs 2
    I try to change all default text color to white according to chartjs documentation but cannot get it work. Could you help me out thanks.
    Justin Murphy
    does anyone have the typescript def for v2?
    is this official gitter for chart.js?
    Andrew Yi
    Does anyone know how to set options with react-chart-js-2
    it references chart.js documentation and all the syntax is wrong
    How to plot doughnut chart with dates
    How can I create a chart bar inside another chart bar using chart.js ?$
    like this example
    Hi everyone.
    I was wondering if I can have interactive chart with chart.js ? like this https://dc-js.github.io/dc.js/
    Hi all, is there someone who knows/can tell me how to define the locales that momentjs should import with angular? right now chartjs with momentjs loads every locale.... i only want 2 (and all these locales now make up for 30% code of my app).
    Hi, is chart.js compatible with Angular 6?
    Hello, I am new to this, I need help, I have to do a test with chart.js, I have graphics and I need to detect a mouse click on the barchart, any ideas?
    Someone knows how can i clear a input text area?
    i try with browser.clearElement('.input') and browser.elementIdClear(ID) but fail in firefox
    When the ticks are too long, they get cut. Anyone know to overcome that?
    Myles Braithwaite
    :wave:, I was wondering if any has ever done this type of graph in Chart.js?
    Hi. When plotting a timeseries in 2018-12 Chart.js plots all the years from 1970 on. How do I scale this correctly? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53582772/chartjs-time-plot-xaxis-shows-year-1970
    Syam Pradeep Reddy
    Is there any way to set the grid line opacity?

    I have some report page on my shared server , reports are in cahart.js and chart.min.js , which are worked fine on the local host , but my hosting provider not support js and nither permit me to install nodeJS in the shared server , can u Gide me how to embedded those js files to HTML.

    My chart files are created using Chart.js(chart.js and chart.min.js)

    solsTiCe d'Hiver
    hi. I got a problem to color the zeroLine or put it simply to get a black border around the chart area. I posted here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56626892/chart-js-zerolinecolor-does-not-work-as-expected
    solsTiCe d'Hiver
    hi again. I am struggling to display a simple loading spinner beside the chart while the chart is rendering. any tuto for that ? It takes 4s to render...
    solsTiCe d'Hiver
    sight. I am just displaying a text now. because drawing a gif on the canvas is a pain. even using gifler is not straightforward because ...