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Repo info
    Kenny Song
    What you guys think of the Testdome questions?
    Arthur Verschaeve
    @darcyclarke @richgilbank There are some inactive PRs staying open. Close them due to inactivity?
    Rich Gilbank
    @arthurvr good call - will do
    Arthur Verschaeve
    Thanks @richgilbank. Neat
    Will Klein
    Does anyone here use code as part of your interview, either in terms of a code sample, a live-coding exercise, or something else?
    Levy Eyo
    Hello world
    @darcyclarke @arthurvr I do agree about the translations. The terrible russian translation really reflects bad on the project, for example. It even simply contains incorrect information and answers.
    Darcy Clarke
    @robbbz can you specify? Or create a ticket? Or, best of all, maybe make a PR if you know what the errors are?
    @robbbz Arthurvr already did: h5bp/Front-end-Developer-Interview-Questions#312
    @darcyclarke ^
    Arthur Verschaeve
    @robbbz Would be cool if you could give us some specifics though.
    Okay. I will do that.
    Arthur Verschaeve
    Thanks! :)
    David Glauber

    After a few years of coding interviews, my friends and I noticed we always have a hard time finding good practice buddies. There was no place to get real practice & prep, so we built Pramp for developers like us.

    Pramp is a free peer-2-peer practice platform for coding interviews.
    We pair you to other programmers at your level and give you full interview questions & solutions. On each interview you and your peer interview each other on our site using video chat & collaborative code editor.

    We're live for 2 months now and will be happy to hear your feedback and answer your questions.

    Heriberto Roman
    @davidglbr This is awsome!! I am in the process of applying for positions and prepping for interviews. Many thanks.
    David Glauber
    @iamromanh Thank you so much! This is exactly why we are working on Pramp. Let me know how it goes or if I can help with anything
    Heriberto Roman
    @davidglbr I will keep you posted for sure!
    Ravshanbek Norboev
    Hello world
    Is there any Chinese @davidglbr Thank you
    Tada happy to find a new world :smile:
    I think after jan 10 no one here active @davidglbr @iamromanh @Ravshanbek1995 @ivanberry @willklein
    why we ppl can update one new question daily that will improve our knowledge
    Eric Eastwood
    @Krter Please refrain from pinging people just to check if they are here
    sorry I have no idea dude I thought they are still alive there
    So How do I get Idea
    The questions ?...
    @MadLittleMods if you have idea then share something for newbies like me r8 ?..
    Karan Bhandari
    Hi guys, anyone currently active here??
    Saikiran Uppu
    @karanbhandari hi
    SUNGHAN KIM (김 성한)
    Hello World
    Amit Kumar Jaiswal
    Hey everyone!
    Onuwa Nnachi Isaac
    Hello everyone
    Apostolis Taxidaridis
    hello everyone
    Hello guys
    Sagar Verma
    by any chance, can i change the black start menu to the white one as was in the previous release?
    Hello all!
    @davidglbr I'll be sure to check out Pramp.
    Will Hayes
    hello guys!
    Eric Eastwood
    @anjali1206 This room is for discussing the project at hand, not advertising your project. Please stop posting across multiple rooms about this kind of thing
    T D Nuwan Chathuranga
    Hi All
    This message was deleted
    This message was deleted
    hello everyone
    Joseph Rex
    Veeraj D Poojary
    Hey Guys.
    Jayesh Chandrapal
    Hi guys, what's going on here?
    I would like to delete gitter off my computer as I am a 31 year old plant biolegest who has no intrest in coading
    it's okay. do it, @smoove97
    Hi, is there anyone with a lot of experience with JavaScript and JSON who can help me out with a problem?