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Repo info
    @darcyclarke ^
    Arthur Verschaeve
    @robbbz Would be cool if you could give us some specifics though.
    Okay. I will do that.
    Arthur Verschaeve
    Thanks! :)
    David Glauber

    After a few years of coding interviews, my friends and I noticed we always have a hard time finding good practice buddies. There was no place to get real practice & prep, so we built Pramp for developers like us.

    Pramp is a free peer-2-peer practice platform for coding interviews.
    We pair you to other programmers at your level and give you full interview questions & solutions. On each interview you and your peer interview each other on our site using video chat & collaborative code editor.

    We're live for 2 months now and will be happy to hear your feedback and answer your questions.

    Heriberto Roman
    @davidglbr This is awsome!! I am in the process of applying for positions and prepping for interviews. Many thanks.
    David Glauber
    @iamromanh Thank you so much! This is exactly why we are working on Pramp. Let me know how it goes or if I can help with anything
    Heriberto Roman
    @davidglbr I will keep you posted for sure!
    Ravshanbek Norboev
    Hello world
    Is there any Chinese @davidglbr Thank you
    Tada happy to find a new world :smile:
    I think after jan 10 no one here active @davidglbr @iamromanh @Ravshanbek1995 @ivanberry @willklein
    why we ppl can update one new question daily that will improve our knowledge
    Eric Eastwood
    @Krter Please refrain from pinging people just to check if they are here
    sorry I have no idea dude I thought they are still alive there
    So How do I get Idea
    The questions ?...
    @MadLittleMods if you have idea then share something for newbies like me r8 ?..
    Karan Bhandari
    Hi guys, anyone currently active here??
    Saikiran Uppu
    @karanbhandari hi
    SUNGHAN KIM (κΉ€ μ„±ν•œ)
    Hello World
    Amit Kumar Jaiswal
    Hey everyone!
    Onuwa Nnachi Isaac
    Hello everyone
    Apostolis Taxidaridis
    hello everyone
    Hello guys
    Sagar Verma
    by any chance, can i change the black start menu to the white one as was in the previous release?
    Hello all!
    @davidglbr I'll be sure to check out Pramp.
    Will Hayes
    hello guys!
    Eric Eastwood
    @anjali1206 This room is for discussing the project at hand, not advertising your project. Please stop posting across multiple rooms about this kind of thing
    T D Nuwan Chathuranga
    Hi All
    This message was deleted
    This message was deleted
    hello everyone
    Joseph Rex
    Veeraj D Poojary
    Hey Guys.
    Jayesh Chandrapal
    Hi guys, what's going on here?
    I would like to delete gitter off my computer as I am a 31 year old plant biolegest who has no intrest in coading
    it's okay. do it, @smoove97
    Hi, is there anyone with a lot of experience with JavaScript and JSON who can help me out with a problem?
    Azhar Hussain
    what's your problem
    Narendran n
    I have completely developed my website with jquery and we decided to choose angular for business logic but there was confict angular over jquery ,so we have stucked. whether moving to jquery to write business logic is advisable?
    Narendran n
    //json is 
    //and the array is like this 
    vm.a = ["ba","js"]
    //i need like this
    //this what i tried
    var r=   vm.category.map(function(p){ return '"' + p + '"'; }).join(',');
      vm.o.products.productsSubCategories.subCategoryName = r;
    hello all i'm still a beginner learning the programming language i learned because i want to restore my social media account hacked by someone and have been abused is there someone can help me how to do it
    Pramesh Bajracharya
    @arri15 not a good place and not a good question to ask πŸ˜‹
    @roblarsen for website development let me know the branch
    @cezaraugusto please share the branch
    Rob Larsen