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    Matt Switzer
    This is amazing.
    If there are devs in here... GOOD JOB to all of you.
    Oliver Tacke
    @Rachlivero_twitter Don't think that's possible right now.
    @soychakon_twitter There is no limit in numbers of contents that you can create. You're just limited in the size of files that you can upload, e.g. videos.
    Hello! Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble using the exportable text function in course presentation? The export text button has disappeared from my presentation but the textbook is still there...
    *text box
    Frode Petterson
    @lisnewsstalker_twitter I'll double check this.
    @lisnewsstalker_twitter Which browser are you using? I made an quick example here that looks to be working: https://h5p.org/node/113326
    @icc Thanks for that :) I have tried Chrome, Firefox and IE and it won't work for me on any of them. Probably something at my end.
    Luna profe
    I want to thank you the H5p team, your work is awesome! I am trying to use the audio recorder in my site but it doesn't work because in blogger you can't use https:// if you have your own domain, Wonder if it is a way to use it in a http:// (not secure) setting?
    Frode Petterson
    @Luna_profe_twitter Unfortunately, this is a browser limitation / security concern.
    But you should really consider enabling https for you site as there are many other benefits.
    Luna profe
    @icc , I understand it, the thing is that blogger doesn't allow me changing to https with my own domain from GoDaddy, do you know if there is any way of doing this?
    Frode Petterson
    @Luna_profe_twitter The only way is to use a another browser that allows this or get the browser to override it somehow… but you probably won't get your users to do so as this is meant to protect them
    Hello! If I created activities directly in H5P, then anyone can see it? Or just I can see this activities, on my profile?
    Thank you!
    Pål Jørgensen
    @harasztkom_twitter : If you are talking about h5p.org, the H5Ps created there is publicly available.
    Hello everybody. Does anyone knows how to add "sourcearea" CKEditor plugin to h5p? I used the guide https://h5p.org/adding-text-editor-buttons but it's not working in the way described :(
    Hi there, need help with Moodle and 5Hp?
    Edgar Rodrigues
    I guys, can you tell me if its possible to create jumpers on the video. Imagin a bar under the video with the numeres "1","2","3" where this numbers represent a part of the video. The user click on "2" and the video jumps to the middle. any tips?
    Frode Petterson
    @mgpilon What seems to be the issue?
    Paul Post
    @CuetaraFlake_twitter can't you just place buttons on the button of the video with jumps in them?
    People please get image hotspot in the course presentation!
    I've needed this 5 times in the month I actually started working with h5p!
    Hello there. Quck question. The text link that I added to mjy video works fine on desktop but the link doesn't work on Chrome Mobile browser for android. The text apears but when you touch it - it just stops the video. Any ideas on what best practrice would be? Or is this a known issue wwith H5P and smartphone browsers? Ps advise. Thanks
    Bienvenido Villadelrey
    @ianabroad please see my answer in your forum post. Thanks
    @mgpilon yes i need can you contact me by mail.
    Hi, I have issue with the plugin
    no option to download content or select just blank fields. I read instalation guide but for me plugin not work on any of my wp site.
    Recently had some issues with H5P plugin, after installing another thirdparty one.Is this place to ask help?
    I installed: WordPress连接微博, which is a Chinese marketing tools to allow third party to login from Chinese social media site. Wondering what is the way to get around the "Loading, please wait..." What H5P depends on...
    Frode Petterson
    @pravosudova Have you tried downloading any of the example from H5P.org and uploading them to your own site?
    @Angelearn3_twitter Please check you browser's console(Ctrl+Shift+J to open in Chrome) for any error messages.
    EMEL Maryse
    bjr, comment empêcher cette traduction qui retraduit (mal) le français? merci
    WOW I see Chinese people . I'm also chinese
    @icc @pravosudova If wordpress installed localhost , H5p can't get it .
    hello every one
    I'm trying to implement a multiscoring
    in the H5P instead of single scoring
    any help or ideas how this could be done ?
    thank u in advance
    Hello, I am trying to embed an iframe to Blackboard but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas why?
    Frode Petterson
    @cppemm_twitter The site you're embedding from probably doesn't allow for cross-domain requests/content
    Use your browser's developer tool and check for a "X-Frame-Options" header in the request and/or JavaScript error in the console
    Will do, thank you. Yeah, I noticed I can embed YouTube iframe but not h5p. On Moodle, embedding h5p iframe works just fine even without installing the h5p plugin. I think our Blackboard has some "safe_HTML" sites etc blocked.
    Buen dia instale el plugin h5p en wordpress y al crear nuevo contenido no se muestra ningun elemento.
    Ritwik Chattopadhyay
    Does anyone know how you can access the LL install using a web browser after a custom install on your own server?
    Svein-Tore Griff With
    Hey guys, i am working on a university project and have a question regarding the h5p editor and the semantics.json file. In my semantic.json i embedded the h5p.interactiveVideo and extend their editor with some string properties. Is it possible to give those properties a unique ID some how? So that when i watch the video all strings that where given in the editor has now an extra attribute ID
    Svein-Tore Griff With
    @MasterFlo they have the name, but there is no other unique id field in semantics afaik
    plugin h5p con wordpress no permite crear actividades
    Hey guys. How does the Moodle H5P plugin save content state if the setting "enable_save_content_state " is on? Seems like this setting also saves Exportable Text Area text and this could be a handy way for students to save notes. Just thinking if there might be a risk of losing those notes at some point?
    Hi everyone, my topic for my Bachelor Thesis is to create an interactive shortfilm based on H5P. I have to prove that H5P is not only a good tool for elearning meanings but also a platform to create cinematic movies. The problem is memory, charts and other options are not given in the interactive video editor. Is there a possibility to add some new interactions in this software and if yes how can I do that? I hope you guys can help me.
    Regards Kerththana