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    Good evening, I have a content problem. After composing them and pressing the create button they are not visible. The system says it created them and I have them listed but clicking on them leaves a blank page. Anyone know anything about it?
    I like to be invited to the h5p
    Aaron Couch

    Hi Guys, is there any way I can enable "Give one point for the whole task" option for the Drag Text questions ?

    Has this been answered? Is this available in any releases?

    Aaron Couch
    I created an issue h5p/h5p-drag-text#83
    Buenas noches tengo un problema con H5P y wordpress
    According to the tutorials in here:
    Moodle 3.10 can view h5p files in offline mode.
    Is it possible to create a .h5p file independently (i.e. not using Moodle platforms) and view the content using the Moodle app in offline mode?
    Also, how can I connect to the h5p slack channel?
    I did send an email to info@h5p.org. Should I wait for some link being emailed to me?
    Shreyas Kavadihalli Shubhamurthy
    Hi everyone i have few questions on h5p content. is there any json parsers available that can be used to get questions and answers from all the content types defined in the h5p_content table in parameters column ?
    Shreyas Kavadihalli Shubhamurthy
    @here anyone there ?
    Hi all,
    I have a question! I want to use h5p as a product in my resaerch. I want to introduce h5p to my students to test whether it increases engagement during listening/watching lessons. How can I use it without using any platform like blackboard for example? Can I use it for free for one time to show the school its effectiveness so that they can use it in the school?
    Joseph Sherrill
    This is a new installation with Wordpress. I click on "Add New" then select create. which brings me to an examples and downloads page. I pick a content type there is an example but there is no way to download it? Please help me?
    1 reply
    Ghetau Iulian
    My experience did Moodle is the best , H5P plugin work amazing ! Try! Any question is ok! Spirit of sharing !
    h5p work with localhost only, but in production domain no please help me
    Marius Ntwali
    Hi I'm new to the system
    Jelena Terzic
    hi guys, any Moodle experts here? I am wondering how I can install h5p/h5p-interactive-book#59 to my moodle
    sushumna rao
    download Interactive book activity from https://h5p.org/content-types/interactive-book and add that in libraries. In Moodle login as admin and goto H5P libraries and add the downloaded file.
    Hem Piden
    Hello everyone, I am new to H5P. May I know can we use H5P with LearnDash wordpress?
    Dinusha Chamindi
    Hello every one I'm new to H5P and I want to integrate H5P interactive videos to php code-igniter3 project. If any one have example project or document can you please share
    Alicia Onieva Lupiáñez

    Good afternoon,

    I have activities running in Branching Scenario under Moodle 3.9. After upgrading I can't access to the tree in the content bank, can anyone tell me whats wrong?

    Thanks in advance

    Manish Srivastava
    hi I want to intgerate h5p in ,Net
    any body please help me
    Thankfully, Sebastian Rettig upgrade cli-creator, for making bulk import to dialog-cards and flash, so that you can use now local pictures
    Thierry Amigo
    tengo una duda.
    Necesito insertar videos de Vimeo en H5p