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Feb 2016
Feb 02 2016 00:41
I see ..👍👍
Feb 02 2016 01:17
OK.. When shall we start
Coming Saturday evening and Sunday ?
Feb 02 2016 13:34

i will let u know by sunday

Before that if you share the requirement all those things that we are gonna incorporate as well as basic design that will be helpful

Feb 02 2016 16:40
Hmm OK
Zip ties
Here are a few minor things we need..
Shrink tubing
A connector that connects perfectly to the terminals of the lipo
And ribbon cables of possible
Ya.. Thts it I guess
No designing now..
Feb 02 2016 16:46
Let's make a working bot first .. Double check and then triple check for imperfections
After that's done... We will automatically know how the design should be and make suitable improvements over the previous design
That's a plan ?
This time with all algorithms ..
Shortest path .. Etc
We can add a few it sensors at this stage itself..
We don't have to use it now..
But.. Will be helpful in the future
So.. I think its better to add components that we may need later at the start
Feb 02 2016 16:52
Can we make our own Ir sensors ?
Bcz that will be convenient and will save space
Tell me what you think..