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Nadir Ghoul
When in the script the config is loaded from
var config = require('./lib/config')
Max Wu

Edit the following config file to setup CodiMD server and client.
Read more info at https://hackmd.io/c/codimd-documentation/%2Fs%2Fcodimd-configuration

  • config.json -- CodiMD config
  • .sequelizerc -- db config

. sequelizerc is used by sequelize (our ORM tool) when running db migrations and seeders

Hi, is it possible to deploy it on an arm machine?

Yes, please take a look at dockerhub: https://hub.docker.com/r/hackmdio/hackmd/tags?page=1&ordering=last_updated

2 replies
Nadir Ghoul
On the page, not a single arm in signt
When I deploy it it gives "standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error"
And when I deploy it manually I get other errors, such as an error installing phantom-prebuilt
Max Wu
I think it only works on linux/arm64, are you running on arm only?
If so, I'm afraid it won't work on arm at the moment.
1 reply
Nadir Ghoul
Do you mean amd64
1 reply
Max Wu

Do you mean amd64

Oops, sorry about typo, it's amd64 not arm64, I'm reading it wrong all the time

Anybody know what is the root password and hackmd password in docker image, I wnat login docker container with root , Thanks
3 replies
Neel Bhannushali
Hackmd has custom links for documents. Is there any config in Codi MD to set this up?
1 reply
fajar alfayet
Hi everyone, can you share your config.json.
I've been a few days but I'm still confused, I hope you can show me the config.json file
fajar alfayet
just yesterday it was possible and this morning like that
Sorry, I am here to raise a bug. My account can't log in suddenly just now, and my three sharing links of md are all corrupt. How can I restore my account and sharing links?
2 replies
Any developer here? We didn't backup our md in time, and I don't want to lose our team members' work :(
1 reply
Hey, how can I migrate CodiMD to another host?
Hey hellow
I'm trying to setup CodiMD on Heroku, but I have a white page of the death.
I clicked here: https://hackmd.io/s/codimd-heroku-deployment to deploy on Heroku... and I don't know if there's something else to do
I can't find documentation on that.
Felix E. Klee
I started using hackmd.io. Looks very nice (wish there was org as an alternative to Markdown, though).
Anyhow, is there a way to operate it fully from within Emacs? I mean I would like to make edits, then push them (e.g. using Git), and then it's published. I don't want to touch the web interface, except maybe for some setup tweaks once in a while.

Have deployed codimd on my Centos with docker-compose. Everything work fine now.
Then I want to connect to the postgreSQL look inside the database, it fails.

psql -U codimd
codimd=# \c codimd
codimd=# \d Authors
Did not find any relation named "Authors"

codimd=# select count(*) from Authors;
ERROR: relation "authors" does not exisit

I am not family with postgreSQL, someone would tell the problem?

2 replies
Aakash Nand

@jackycute Why is codimd have not released any release since last May 2021?

What is the roadmap and future of codimd? Will it be still maintained?

4 replies
If anyone is still around or new here: The "HackMD" / "CodiMD" project seems pretty much dead. You should check out HedgeDoc instead. It's a fork of CodiMD, but with much more features, still actively maintained by many devs (including devs and contributors that worked on CodiMD in the past) and still receives security updates regularly, thus offering a much safer environment IMO. HedgeDoc Support is also pretty good and answers are given in very close timeframes. Check it out here: https://github.com/hedgedoc/hedgedoc
And their official website: https://hedgedoc.org/
2 replies

well, while I haven't heard about HedgeDoc previously, I can't really blame them: it's infinitely easier to do major changes on your own fork than in collaboration with inactive maintainers. that's kind of the point of open-source.

they probably shouldn't use CodiMD's branding and suggest that they're rebranded CodiMD, though.

1 reply