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May 2018
Steven Johnson
May 18 2018 01:11
@abadams — AFAICT, we don’t have any assertions that the dimensions of an input buffer are correct (ie, you passed in too-large or too-small); I may have found a glitch related to this. Is this intentional or just an oversight?
Andrew Adams
May 18 2018 01:13
Oversight. It should really be checked next to error_bad_type in AddImageChecks
Andrew Adams
May 18 2018 20:05
What do people think of a "store_in" memory space that acts like a stack, but of greater size and would allow dynamic allocations. You'd mmap a bunch of lazily-allocated address space and then allocate and free onto it in stack order by bumping a pointer. I guess it would have to be thread-local too.