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Repo info
I'm very new to jplayer, followed quick start instructions but all I see in any browser are white buttons, no video player. What am I doing wrong?
Does anyone know how to add jplayer to wordpress for live video streaming?
I'm using JPLAYER 7.x-2.0 via Drupal 7.56. I've got everything working, when i save the page the player (HTML5) displays at the bottom of the content. My question is how do i specify the position of the player within the drupal content? I can't see the player HTML code when editing the content, however when i inspect the content (F12 on chrome), I can copy the jquery DIV and position it where i want, but the player is not functioning. I'm probably being a bit thick, so apologies in advance - any help is much appreciated. Thanks
Hello all !
I 'm tying to remove de "jp-progress" from my player but when i delete it it doesn't work at all :/
i used jplayer on Chrome ,solution is 'html,flash',but i can't get the Duration and the progress not work ,the server i used is tomcat
Dear French

Hey guys,

New here, I'm working on a website to teach a foreign language.

I plan to put mini-stories on my website (in the language learnt by the user) and I will make available an audio version of it.

However, I'd like to difg further and let the user click on any word of the story so that (s)he can hear the audio from this exact word to practice his speaking.

Here are my 2 questions:

Can I do that with jPlayer?
Can I tag words with an accurate time code rather than using a percentage so that the audio starts at the perfect time?

Thanks a lot for your help on this, I appreciate it.


Adam Little
Hi All, I am looking for a developer who can set up jPlayer for me. Bonus points if you are familiar with Webflow. I have a small budget and can pay someone for a few hours of their time. Please email me alittle116@gmail.com
I am currently building an app on Bubble.is and I am looking to track the plays from my users. Is is possible for you guys to add that functionality (to create a workflow when the file is played or player is clicked)? Please email nazeerqaz@gmail.com
Alexander Zhukov
Plan to make wenpage with player that plays internet-radio in ogg. Does jPlayer supports the ogg stream from icecast? What about tags? Are they supported?
Stefano Malaisi
I need a help for jplayer on icecast streaming... Actually string is: "m4a": " But the player doesn't workk
Getting swf file blocked from playing audio. Below is the error found on console : Cross-origin plugin content from https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jplayer/2.9.2/jplayer/jquery.jplayer.swf must have a visible size larger than 400 x 300 pixels, or it will be blocked. Invisible content is always blocked. Can Any one help
Ericson Luciano
Hello everyone anyone tried to implement the react with api from rails? any way to populate the json in react
@VxJasonxV how? Maybe my condition is the same as you. can you show me your code?
Andra Antariksa
Hi! I have some trouble, im using javascript location hash to play the music using jPlayer. It works fine, however when you change the location hash (music.warunganime.net/#/ artist name / song title) it will remove all of the playlist, how i can get rid this playlist remove if i got some song in my playlist? Anyone got any idea? I need some information about jPlayer event when it change the playlist song. Url : music.warunganime.net
Andra Antariksa
function checkhash(){
        var hash = location.hash.substr(1);
        if(hash != ''){
               hashstr = hash.split("/");
            artist = (isEncoded(hashstr[1]))?hashstr[1]:encodeURI(hashstr[1]);
            title = (isEncoded(hashstr[2]))?hashstr[2]:encodeURI(hashstr[2]);
               if(hashstr.length = 3){
                var request = $.ajax({
                  url: "lyrics/"+ artist +"/"+ title,
                  type: "GET",
                  data: "",
                  dataType: "html"

                  var json = $.parseJSON(data);                  
                      var lyrics = 'No Lyrics';
                      var lyrics = json[0].lyrics;
                      var image = 'http://sibnerpartie.tk/assets/general/cover.png';
                      var image = json[0].image;

                request.fail(function(jqXHR, textStatus) {
                  $("#lyrics").html("Request failed: " + textStatus );

   $(window).on('hashchange', function() {
  $(document).on($.jPlayer.event.play, myPlaylist.cssSelector.jPlayer,  function(){
    //alert(nowplaying.title+' +++ '+myPlaylist.playlist[myPlaylist.current].title +' && '+ nowplaying.artist+' +++ '+myPlaylist.playlist[myPlaylist.current].artist);
    /* Lyrics load */
    if(nowplaying.artist != myPlaylist.playlist[myPlaylist.current].artist || nowplaying.title != myPlaylist.playlist[myPlaylist.current].title){
        window.location.hash = "#/"+encodeURI(myPlaylist.playlist[myPlaylist.current].artist)+"/"+encodeURI(myPlaylist.playlist[myPlaylist.current].title);
        var request = $.ajax({
          url: "lyrics/"+encodeURI(myPlaylist.playlist[myPlaylist.current].artist)+"/"+encodeURI(myPlaylist.playlist[myPlaylist.current].title),
          type: "GET",
          data: "",
          dataType: "html"

          nowplaying.artist = myPlaylist.playlist[myPlaylist.current].artist;
          nowplaying.title = myPlaylist.playlist[myPlaylist.current].title;
          var json = $.parseJSON(data);
              var lyrics = 'No Lyrics';
              var lyrics = json[0].lyrics;
              var image = 'http://sibnerpartie.tk/assets/general/cover.png';
              var image = json[0].image;

          $("#lyrics").html('<div style="padding-top:15px;padding-bottom:15px;position:relative;display:block;margin-bottom:-1px;" class="clearfix"><img src="'+image+'" class="pull-left thumb-lg m-r"><h3 class="block text-ellipsis">'+json[0].title+'</h3><small class="text-muted">by '+json[0].artist+'</small><div><a href="https://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u='+encodeURIComponent('http://music.warunganime.net/'+encodeURIComponent(json[0].artist)+'/'+encodeURIComponent(json[0].title))+'" target="_blank" onclick="window.open(\'https://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u='+encodeURIComponent('http://music.warunganime.net/'+encodeURIComponent(json[0].artist)+'/'+encodeURIComponent(json[0].title))+'&t='+encodeURIComponent('Listen '+json[0].title+' Song by '+json[0].artist)+'\',\'Facebook Share\',\'status=1,height=360,width=500,resizable=0\'); return false;"><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i></a></div></div><div>'+lyrics+'</div>');

        request.fail(function(jqXHR, textStatus) {
          $("#lyrics").html("Request failed: " + textStatus );
   /*End Lyrics load */
Here's my code anyway
Can anyone help me? I have a Demo website and I am trying to change the Audio track, but I am confused why there is .mp3 link and .ogg link? (mp3: "http://www.jplayer.org/audio/mp3/Miaow-03-Lentement.mp3",
oga: "http://www.jplayer.org/audio/ogg/Miaow-02-Hidden.ogg",)
I do not want to stop when moving pages in fullpage.js.
Mahdi Amirabadi
hey guys, I'm using jplayer in my site but its repeat button doesnt work, when I enable repeat button, I expect the player to repeat the current song but it goes to the next song
I would be happy if you guys help me
I use Jplayer with zepto, the page appears some errors , like:
jquery.jplayer.js:1731 Uncaught TypeError: this.element.trigger is not a function
at $.jPlayer._trigger (jquery.jplayer.js:1731)
at jquery.jplayer.js:1249
I don`t know why
how i can setup auto play the playlist?
and how i open a mp3 file on loading page without click on play button?
Hi everyone, is there a reason or known issue why the "myPlaylist.next();" and "myPLaylist.previous(); would jusmp 2 tracks at a time? If I'm on track 1 and click on next it'd jump to track 3...
Chandu Mahara
How can I play youtube videos in jPlayer?

Hello Support,

I am using jplayer in my magento 2 site and i am getting issue
here is the link of my magento 2 site

Wobbie Wobbit
can anyone help me with how to remove playlist items by class? I can add the class for removal to the <li> but it removes it from the playlist list but the original list still plays. I want to do what the included "remove item" X does but from a checkbox outside the <li> and based on the <li> class. Is this possible?
Ronald thalen
Hallo i have a live stream if i press the pause button and start it later again he goes on were he was paused.
Is it possible to make a new connection when i press the play button Again?
Hi guys, Can someone please help me.. it's quite urgent. So our website is on jplayer 2.0.0 since it came out... no problems. But our stream provider informed us that they are going the changing the server url. and now i can't seem to find where can i change it in jplayer... please help me.
Hi there, is there anyone who could help me with jPlayer code please? I would like jPlayer to pause when I toggle browser tab and start playing again when I come back. Thanks for your thoughts.
> EdgyCoder ✌
Hello, good evening
Inseob Kim
Hello, is there any way to get playlist information from jplayer variable?
Hey just updated my phone to iOS13 and noticed jPlayer stops playing a minute or two after going to the lock screen. It will only works if I use the safari browser. I tested it in iOS12 and other browsers works just fine. Thought some one would like to know!
Hello, is there any way to fast-forward the video?
@Nathaniel7687 maybe it'll useful.
Hi there, would it be possible to get some support? I have an issue I am sure is simple, but I am lost!
Tejas Dwarkaram
Hi all, how do I go about getting some assistance?
hi, do you know if it's possible to get analytics on the audio listening from using jplayer on Drupal? thank you :)
Hi everyone, i'm using JPlayer for read my SHOUTcast V2 audio stream. Everything is working well except that i want to custom the duration to show each song duration (that i get through an API), i tried to check the JPlayer doc but there is nothing about set a custom duration except by loading my media again. Is there any way to fix that ? Thanks
Ian West
I think it is a very simple question, for you, but intractable for me. I have designed a website that uses CMSMS as a CMS. I can add modules/plugins to the ‘engine’ if they are in the CMSMS list. But they do not have a audio player in their list. Can I add jPlayer? And how?
Do you have any kind of notion of web development ?
Ian West
I think my level of knowledge is fairly indicated in my question. I have written templates and css in HTML. But the contents pages are WYSIWYG. I can add modules to what I have called the 'engine' such as 'Search' and 'Gallery' and call them up on the template or the contents page. If you think this level ridiculous but can point to an appropriate book, I would be grateful; and you need not be embarrassed.

I have a mp3 file which is of mixed language speech.

Example, Assume Jon is one speaker and Mary is another speak. John knows german and Mary knows english.

Not John is giving a message and mary is translating...When John speaks one sentences, Mary translates it ....It goes on...

Now the audio is in single file ....

Now i want to save the german speech in one file and english speech in another file...

Similarly for any audio with two given languages needs to be separated as two different mp3 files....

Is there is any tool or software can do this ???? Please tell me

I have successfully added videos to playlist in JPlayer but I want videos to pinch to zoom fit to all android mobile screen no black background o want just like mxplayer zoom to fit
How will I get this using CSS or javascript
Please help
You have to use MP3 cutter for that